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Postby kaizu » Wed May 16, 2012 10:28 pm

With all the Hock drama around, it was decided there should be a sticky to help the new guys where to get hocks.

Info provided by Josh/crazydog500

Here is all the information you need regarding Hockey Masks from the Friday the 13th Franchise.

Who makes hockey mask blanks and which are better?
Here is a couple sites where you can accurate High Quality hockey mask blanks and supplies from, and they are trustworthy sellers. Also please no VS threads asking which blanks are better it all depends on what you like and to a lot of people think these's 3 are the best you can get.

Frightstuff.com - Frightstuff Blanks are made out of ABS plastic. They also sell straps, hardware, clears blanks, 6 blanks, X blanks, and much more.

JDFStudiosFx.com - JDF Blanks are made out of ABS plastic and he sells straps, chevrons, and much more. Also sells clear blanks.

Fiberglassmasks.com - These's Blanks are made out Fiberglass and if you need straps he sells straps from every movie.

Note: Bob makes his masks nice and strong and will not chip easy. Also if you are wondering Fiberglass does not ruin latex masks since he paints the back of the mask to solve that problem.

Who paints hockey masks?
There are number of Artist's that paint hockey masks on this forum as well on other forums. I am just going to name a few members that i know who paint hockey masks and do a wonderful job. If you would like to see there work just contact them threw a PM and for pricing and other details. Also these's Artist's are well respected and have good turnaround times and have great customer feedback.
Crash (CrashCreations)/Makes his own replica masks
Quality Man/ Lars10.....DEFUNCT
Ruste Dowg (Ruste Dowg Productions)
Brandon Croslin / username croslin2884
Crazydog500 (Beyond Disgusting Studios)
Glamourdoll13 (Ghoulish Creations)
[email protected] (Dirtknap Fx)
Nether_wolfe, Rotted45
New Blood Studios (Creeping Death Productions)
Puckface/Makes his own replica masks
Fiberglass Masks
Kreation X
Steve Bellamy(The Devil's Latex)

Please forgive me if you are left out or stopped painting hockey masks just send me or Kaizu a PM and we can add/remove you from the list since this is all i know at the top of my head.

What kind of blanks were used threw out the Friday the 13th movies?
Part 3: - A Clear blank was used,
Part 4: - The same mask from the ending of 3 was used for Part 4 so it would be the same Clear.
Part 5: - No body is to sure about that mask some say Clear some say Black.
Part 6: - Clear
Part 7: - ABS Plastic
Part 8: - ABS Plastic
Jason Goes to Hell: - ABS Plastic
Jason X - Fiberglass
Freddy Vs. Jason - Fiberglass
Friday the 13th Remake: - This one is also a mystery some say a stone type of material others say plastic.[/color]

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