8TH Annual Top Ten Myers Mask Replicas (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome back for part two of the 8th annual top ten Myers mask replicas countdown.  In part one the masks that made the bottom half of this year’s poll were revealed, in this second and final part the top five masks will be counted down until we get to this year’s top spot. Number Five…

8TH Annual Top Ten Myers Mask Replicas (Part 1 of 2)

The votes for this year’s poll have been gathered and the results compiled, it’s time for our annual top ten Myers mask replicas countdown. Staying true to an unusual and surprising year, our 8th annual countdown offers a little bit of a shake up as well. At NUMBER TEN is Nighowl’s PSYCHO. This is one…

[Book Review] Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels

Last year, Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins treated us with their incredibly insightful and well-done book Taking Shape: Developing Halloween From Script to Scream.  If you missed my review, you can check it out HERE.  If you did yourself a great disservice and missed out on the book, grab it HERE. Just in time for Halloween…

Halloween Kills: Teaser & Release Update!

pic.twitter.com/LOgkb19lwq — John Carpenter (@TheHorrorMaster) July 8, 2020

Halloween Kills: Michael Myers Actor Teases New Film’s “Pumped Up”

Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney says that Halloween Kills “pumped up” the action and horror compared to David Gordon Green’s 2018 Halloween. Read More on Screenrant.com