3rd Annual Top Ten Michael Myers Mask Replicas EVER (Part 2 of 2)

In  part one of our 3rd Annual Top Ten Michael Myers Mask Replicas EVER, we counted down the Michael Myers masks from Number Ten to Six. In this second and final part we will reveal numbers five through one.

We start the countdown with the mask landing at NUMBER FIVE (last year at number seven) N.A.G.’s “2K” mask.   This limited mask is simply known as the 2k as this was the actual cost for the mask upon its release. The 2k offers great detail and hair very close to that of a real 75 Kirk. These masks now go for $2500-3000 and are hard to come by.  Below is member “theshape1974″s JC-70 customized copy:

3rd top ten 2K THIS

Coming in at NUMBER FOUR is a mask making its debut to the countdown, the 98 Proto Cast offered by N.A.G.  In 1998 Don Post Studios laser-scanned one of their 1975 Kirks to make a new Kirk mask.  The resulting run of masks produced were a bit of a disappointment. However, a few proto masks surfaced and proved to be far superior in look.  Two N.A.G. masks were created from one of these Don Post Kirk proto masks, the “75K” and the “98 Proto Cast”.  Whereas N.A.G.’s “75K” mask was a retool of Post’s Kirk proto, the “98 Proto Cast” was a direct recast as the name suggests.  The result is a Kirk mask that is a perfect canvas for the Myers community converters to make into a great Michael Myers mask.  Below is a beautiful shot by member Psycho Si of a N.A.G. 98 Proto Cast converted by All Hallow’s Ghost:

3rd top ten 98 Proto THIS ONE
This year’s NUMBER THREE (last year’s number one!) spot belongs to N.A.G.’s “75K” (or 75 Kirk) mask.

In 1998 Don Post Studios laser scanned a production pull 1975 Kirk mask in order to make a new Kirk offering. The resulting mask was the 98 Shatner. Two versions of this William Shatner mask were released, one a more expensive and detailed mask, and the other a more mass produced mask. There was also a 98 Shatner proto mask that was discovered which was an exceptional copy, retaining all of the details of this sculpt very nicely.

It was from this Don Post 98 Shatner proto mask that the N.A.G. 75k was derived.  Seen below is a 75K converted by Freddy Loper:

3rd top ten Freddy Loper 75K THIS
Climbing up a notch on this year’s countdown from three to NUMBER TWO is an old favorite that seems to get more and more popular with each passing year, the KH/DW (Ken Hertlein/Dick Warlock) mask.

This mask is the ONLY mask that was made with the artist having the privilege of viewing the actual hero mask used in Halloween and Halloween II first hand! After Dick Warlock portrayed Michael Myers in 1981’s Halloween II, he kept the mask he wore in the movie along with the knife, boots and coveralls. Sometime in the year 2000, he commissioned the very talented artist Ken Hertlein to come to his home and examine the hero in order to try and recreate this iconic mask.

Measurements of Mr. Warlock’s head were taken as well as various measurements of the hero Michael Myers mask. The look of the hair, eye cuts, spatial relations of the features, mask size and all other little nuances of the hero mask were all taken into account. The result is arguably the best Michael Myers replica mask the hobby has seen to date.

Pictured is member Sheriff Brackett’s beautiful copy tweaked to perfection by our own “jc_70”.

3rd annuall KHDW SHOT TJOS PME

HE Came Home!  You can’t kill the boogeyman….and apparently you can’t kill our mask which has retaken the top spot!  At NUMBER ONE is our first repeat winner of the countdown, the very talented Justin Mabry’s (owner of Nightowl Productions and cofounder of Trick or Treat Studios) CREEP/SHAT!

The CREEP version of this mask comes as an already masterfully converted Michael Myers mask, straight from Justin Mabry himself. With its ghastly white paint up and solid quality, this is the best option for many people who want a very nicely done Michael Myers replica mask ready to wear right out of the box.

For those fans who would rather have the mask in a Captain Kirk form (or for those who like to send a Kirk mask to be customized into a Michael Myers by the artist of their choice) the SHAT (short for Shatner) mask is offered. Both of these masks are of excellent quality and have great detail whether you are looking for a Kirk or a Michael Myers replica mask.

Michael-Myers.net moderator “Kaizu” took some GREAT shots of this year’s top mask demonstrating (quite nicely) that the CREEP makes both a great Halloween as well as Halloween II Myers mask!



Congratulations to Justin Mabry/Nightowl Productions on reclaiming the throne!

Justin Mabry has been a staple in this community for a long time now and has given us some GREAT Myers masks over the years such as the Nightmare Man 78, Maniac, Lunatic (whose economy-priced brother is Trick or Treat Studios‘ best selling Myers mask, their Halloween II mask ) and Psycho to name just a few.  The CREEP/SHAT is just one more major hit on his very impressive list of  excellent masks that grows and grows.  Who knows what we will see on next year’s list from this exceptional artist?

That wraps up our 3rd annual countdown, on behalf of Michael-myers.net thank you for dropping in and we wish you a very fun and safe Halloween 2015!



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