6th Annual Top Ten Best Michael Myers Masks… So Far (Part 2 of 2)

Welcome back to our 6th Annual Countdown of the Top Ten Best Michael Myers masks.  In part one of our countdown we covered numbers ten through six.  Last year’s countdown winner, the 98 Proto Cast by N.A.G. had not made an appearance yet.  Will the 98 be the winner for a second time this year or will we have a new mask to take the top spot? Time to find out.  

At NUMBER FIVE we have a new entry, Trick or Treat Studio’s HALLOWEEN 2018 mask. HALLOWEEN 2018 has been a huge success and we FINALLY have the franchise back on the right track. We can thank one our own in part for this accomplishment. Our old friend Justin Mabry (Trick or Treat Studios Co-founder and owner of Nightowl & Mabry’s Monsters) along with Christopher Nelson and Vince Van Dyke sculpted the mask that we see on screen! I REALLY like the look of the new mask as it keeps the characteristics of the original mask and adds on its own creepiness. Trick or Treat studios really gave the fans a gift with this one allowing all of us to own a mask true to the hero mask used in the movie. The TOTS (Trick or Treat Studios) Halloween 2018 mask is from the screen used silicon master itself! My roots are in “Indie” mask collecting but this is one time the mass produced mask wins. If you want the most screen accurate Halloween 2018 Myers you can get, this one is it and you can now get it at our store!  Below is a TOTS HALLOWEEN 2018 mask given “the treatment” for one of his customers by our own JC_70 (James Carter).  This looks like it could be a behind the scenes photo!:

At NUMBER FOUR (last year’s number four) we have the N.A.G. (Nikolas Art Gallery) “2K” mask. This limited mask is simply known as the 2k as this was the actual cost for the mask upon its release. Ten sets of the 2K (ten Kirks and ten Myers) were released followed by five sets of a retooled 2k. Counting the protos, somewhere between thirty-two and thirty five of these masks exist in total. The 2k offers great detail in the sculpt and hair similar to that of a real 75 Kirk, making it one of the favorite Myers mask replicas for serious collectors. Seen here is my own copy of this very detailed mask customized by JC_70 (James Carter):

The NUMBER THREE spot (last year’s number two) belongs to Nightowl’s SHAT/CREEP mask. There are two available versions of this mask, the CREEP version comes as an already masterfully converted Michael Myers mask, straight from Justin Mabry himself. With its ghastly white paint up and solid quality, this is the best option for many people who want a very nicely done Michael Myers replica mask ready to wear right out of the box. For those fans who would rather have the mask in a Captain Kirk form (or for those who like to send a Kirk mask to be customized into a Michael Myers by the artist of their choice) the SHAT (short for Shatner) mask is offered. Both of these masks are of excellent quality and have great detail whether you are looking for a Kirk or a Michael Myers replica mask. Our member FutureReference’s very nice copy is shown here:

This year’s NUMBER TWO was last year’s number one, N.A.G.’s “98 Proto Cast”. In 1998 Don Post Studios laser-scanned one of their 1975 Kirks to make a new Kirk mask. The resulting run of masks produced were a bit of a disappointment. However, a few proto masks surfaced and proved to be far superior in look. Two N.A.G. masks had there beginnings from one of these Don Post Kirk proto masks, the “75K” and the “98 Proto Cast”. With lineage to the hero the 98 protos have a great likeness to the Myers mask we see in the first two films. Below is JuiceMaster310’s gorgeous copy:

This year’s NUMBER ONE (climbing from number three last year) is N.A.G.’s 75K Castle Shape mask. To make this replica, Nick used two of his previous masks. He placed a pull of his 75k mask inside one of his H78 molds then foamed it (the foam expanded the pull) to create this uniquely shaped offspring. It is called the “Castle Shape” mask because it has a vertical stretch built into the mask to emulate the look of the hero mask when worn by Nick Castle in the original Halloween.  Below are three great copies showing the accuracy of this mask. Below is member SamhainNYC’s copy followed by DanielTY88 ‘s copy and finally DeathClutch’s old copy:

That concludes this year’s countdown, big congrats to Nikolas Art Gallery for claiming this year’s top spot. I would also like to give Justin Mabry a huge congrats for helping sculpt the fantastic new Halloween 2018 Myers mask.  Congratulations also to Chris Zephro who took a chance at starting a mask company and making good.  It’s fantastic to see these two guys from our community do good!  

Everyone have a happy and safe Halloween!

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  1. Brett says:

    I’m looking for the most real looking Michael Meyers 1978 mask. Looking for good quality and willing to pay for it. Any suggestions on where to look?

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