Akuma Promo Trailer

Set for release sometime in 2012 is Akuma, a horror film that deals with dark forces. As the promo trailer points out, the character Akira has moved to the United States. Akira had hoped to escape whatever demons she had in her personal life. Unfortunately, those demons followed her to the U.S. and those demons, it seems, are real demons (not just problems).

In viewing this promotional video, lots of scenes will seem familiar. The video makes generous use of footage from Paranormal Activity and, I believe, Paranormal Activity 2. What’s up with that? The Paranormal Activity¬†franchise is hot property right now. Did they honestly think no one would notice? The answer is: Yes. Akuma comes from the director of the Saw-style thriller Chain Letter.

Akuma would be the third found-footage/fake documentary film slated for release in 2012. The others are Chronicle and The Devil Inside.