The Artifact H1 Version 1: Clean RZ Michael Myers Mask

The world of Halloween mask replicas has always been a highly competitive one. Things have been evolving at an especially rapid pace when it comes to the Myers masks from Rob Zombie’s Halloween films. There is such a varied amount of talented mask makers involved in offering the fans the absolute best in terms of screen-accuracy.

Thanks to our forum moderator Mike (a.k.a. evilsmellyclown) we can take a detailed look at the latest RZ release by Quiet On The Set (QOTS). It is The Artifact H1 Version 1 – the clean mask that young Michael Myers chose to identify with when he knifed his sister Judith. Mike’s particular copy is prototype #1.

The Artifact line of masks is the most recent to arrive on the RZ scene. Scott from QOTS is producing The Artifact (and its cousin The Relic), but he’s no stranger to this hobby. He’s a talented artist who has been a part of the Myers community for years. Scott is known for his versatility and his sharp attention to detail. I own a couple of masks that were repainted and rehaired by Scott.

Great big thanks to Mike (evilsmellyclown) for sharing these outstanding pics of his Artifact H1: V1 with us. And kudos to QOTS for bringing us these faithful RZ renditions.




5 thoughts on “The Artifact H1 Version 1: Clean RZ Michael Myers Mask”

  1. Jarrod Schlaefer says:

    mask looks like the real deal how much was it?

  2. jmmontoya007 says:

    Yeah how much cause I’m Really interested in getting one

  3. jmmontoya007 says:

    I mean really how much 4 1

    1. knowbody says:

      Hey bro, when this article was published, the Artifact was being produced by Scott. You can try contacting him through the forum; he’s the topic starter of this thread: /phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=87889

  4. Hi I live in SPAIN and I would like to purchase the mask H1 of 2012 … how much it costs ???? and as would be the purchase processed ?? … thanks

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