Big Joe Grizzly of Rob Zombie’s HalloweeN

An extremely important character in the HalloweeN franchise is Big Joe Grizzly. He was responsible for giving Michael Myers his knife and his fancy coveralls (without Grizzly, Michael might’ve worn a three-piece suit for all we know). As you may have guessed it, “Big Joe Grizzly” wasn’t his actual name (no person, real or fictional, could possibly have that name). That was a nickname that he earned when he wrestled a crocodile with his bare hands. His real name was  Peter Washington.

Standing at over 10 feet tall, Peter “Joe Grizzly” Washington was a renowned survivalist in Haddonfield. He had endured the Apocalypse when corpses walked the planet after hell was evicted from the premises. Peter Washington did what any sane person in that situation would’ve done: He machine-gun-blasted his way through several zombies and stole a helicopter.

In the aftermath of the nuclear holocaust, Peter Washington never became suicidal and he never thought about ending his life (pay no attention to the photo). Peter Washington was all about surviving and beating the odds. He stormed the airwaves, preaching about the evils of eating Texan meat (he claimed the meat was people); how to carefully clean your chainsaw; and rant about there being no more room in the shopping mall.

Out of his mind due to isolation and boredom, Joe Grizzly created two imaginary friends called “Fly Boy” and “Captain Spaulding.” Peter Washington eventually escaped from the confines of the mall only to find a job as a truck driver with Phelps Garage (it just so happened that Dr. Sam Loomis held a minority stake in that company). Peter Washington was hired due to his exceptional survival skills, marksmanship, weapons expertise, and immunity to physical harm (essential traits for driving a truck).

During a routine stop on his way back to Haddonfield, Peter Washington exited his vehicle to take in some pornography. Michael Myers (dressed as a pumpkin) knocked politely at the toilet stall. Peter Washington became enraged and called Myers, “Daisy” and “A-hole.” He also proceeded to vandalize the stall for no good reason. Ken Foree then threatened Michael’s life by yelling, “I’m gonna cut your goddamn face off and use it as a mask!” and socked Myers in the jaw.

When Peter Washington made another move on Myers, he slipped on a Taco wrapper and accidentally fell to his death. Michael Myers didn’t want to be falsely accused for Ken’s death, so he took his coveralls and fancy knife to make it look like a robbery gone wrong. Myers left the pornographic images because he had no need for them (Myers mopped the floors at the Rabbit in Red, so he saw plenty of naked tail on the regular).

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