Exclusive: Dick Warlock Career Package on sale today!

There has been a lot of speculation, rumors and hype surrounding a new Dick Warlock signature Michael Myers mask. I just spoke directly with Dick (who played Michael Myers in Halloween II), and received official word that the Dick Warlock Career package will go on sale on DickWarlock.com sometime today! The package will be limited to 20 and includes a mask. Michael-Myers.net members will have 48 hours to respond in order to reserve a spot on the list.


9 thoughts on “Exclusive: Dick Warlock Career Package on sale today!”

  1. myerstat says:


    Thanks for the official word,Derek!!!

  2. pyshco98 says:

    Alright! This is gonna be great!

  3. Michaelantern says:

    Oh yeah, count me in!

  4. rzstudios says:

    what are we responding to? THis? if so count me in or show me the way…

  5. dspar425 says:

    oh yeah, this will be awesome. Count me in.

  6. Derek says:

    @rzstudios: Go to DickWarlock.com tomorrow at 10:00PM EST for all the details about how to get in on the package.

  7. coldbloodedkiller says:

    I thought the plan was to not limit these?

  8. 1982killingmachine says:

    I’m interested in seeing what all comes with it and how much?

  9. eht943 says:

    I think I will pay my mortgage instead. Thanks Dick$$

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