Featured Michael Myers Masks: August 2012

The month of August signals the beginning of the end of the summer season. But let’s focus on the positive aspect. We are getting closer to October and the night he came home. In any case, it’s always Halloween here at Michael-Myers.net. And that means great times, great Michael Myers masks and great photos.

Thanks to ishdiaz79, Dr. Weir, Deep Red, Jc_70, icedgxe, thechief69, myersman78, Big Scott, and madmyers1975 for their contributions. If you’d like for your Michael Myers mask or costume to be featured in this space, contact me at [email protected]

Deep Red offers us a cool tribute to Halloween night, 1963

Michael Myers Mask

ishdiaz79 recreates a memorable scene from the original HalloweeN II

Michael Myers Mask

Michael Myers Mask

Michael Myers stalks his prey in these shots by Madmyers1975

Michael Myers Costume

An awesome Creep display by icedgxe

Michael Myers Mask

Destroyer scored by Big Scott

Dr. Weir shows some HalloweeN II love with style

Michael Myers display

Myersman78 with a superb shot of the Artifact

Michael Myers mask

The Nightmare of HalloweeN II continues with this incredible photo by Jc_70

Michael Myers Mask

Lastly, thechief69 portrays Michael Myers in the following video

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  1. Zachary Hunsinger says:

    me too

  2. Becky Arens says:

    please help I'm looking for a nag h9 rot mask. where can I purchase? thank u

  3. Becky Arens says:

    if know where I can purchase, please email me. [email protected] thank u.

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