Footage of the Actual Halloween II Michael Myers Mask

For those of you who haven’t seen this video yet, enjoy! Dick Warlock is shown displaying the Halloween II mask, along with the Ken Hertlein RARE.

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8 thoughts on “Footage of the Actual Halloween II Michael Myers Mask”

  1. ryn says:

    Always makes me sad to see the hero in such poor shape.

  2. slasher75 says:

    Heartbreaking to see the original mask in such terrible shape. Someone should have kept that thing stored properly and protected.

  3. LRSR_MASK says:

    Oh My baby very history of mask is hero…. NEVER stop of thing…old mask larex very my heart sweet….should worn in glass box DAMNIT But I wish carry it

  4. thedesertsandman says:

    I that HUGE hole in the neck because of the needle prick? Dang.

  5. jslcreations says:

    Thanks for sharing this video. Does anyone know if the actual interview in its complete form is available anywhere?

  6. Tristan Schroeder says:

    I don't know which is the actual mask.

  7. Mike Myers says:

    My name is Mike Myers! I got mask on.

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