HalloweeN Autographs: Danielle Harris

Though she is young, Danielle Harris is a legend as far as I’m concerned. Danielle’s involvement in four HalloweeN films warrants her a special place in the hearts of the franchise’s fans. Her role as Jamie in 1988’s Halloween 4 was memorable and intense; it demonstrated talent and wisdom beyond her years.

Danielle’s performance in Halloween 5, along with that of Donald Pleasence’s, saved that abysmal film from being completely unwatchable. I also appreciated her work as Annie in Rob Zombie’s recent HalloweeN duology. Danielle came off as a cool and in-control acting veteran in those films.

Her autograph is very distinctive and unique; it’s a work of art in itself. It has great curves, a heart and is very girly (I’m still talking about the autograph). The autographed still featured here is from the movie Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010), in which Danielle played a Latina who works as an investigative reporter. A review of Cyrus is available here as an accompaniment to this article.

When I met Danielle, we hugged, chatted and shared many laughs. She has silky-smooth hair, gleaming brown eyes, seductive smile, mesmerizing lips, smells great (ok this is getting creepy now). Though Danielle is a certified hottie, she is totally approachable, upbeat, engaging and attentive.

Lance Henriksen, Danielle’s Cyrus co-star, remains the coolest and most giving celebrity I’ve ever encountered, but Danielle is right up there, too. I love her to bits; she’s a splendid person and a wonderful actress.



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4 thoughts on “HalloweeN Autographs: Danielle Harris”

  1. angellickillerchild says:

    It’s good she’s one to converse and is actually friendly with fans. Mainly because I’m looking forward to HorrorHound this March! I’ve edmired her since before she was marketed as both the new scream queen and horror’s hottest. Thanks for the relief and yeah… that was getting creepy there, espessially what happened to her in the past…..

  2. knowbody says:

    What makes Danielle such an awesome person is that she’s so giving to her fans in spite of what happened to her. You’ll have a memorable time at Horror Hound. Take plenty of pics!!

  3. xdisciplex says:

    Danielle is a doll – everyday she was so gracious to everyone on the set of Hatchet 2. Her daily hello’s to me were more than I ever thought I’d get to experience, probably a result of her knowing I was a diehard fan of hers 🙂

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