Halloween Returns Preview (Podcast)

We are back after being away from Michael-Myers.net for some time! We began as Rabbit in Red, and now we are “Accurately Unstable,” an all things horror podcast, featuring Vincent Paul, Dan Chase and Cole Nedved.

In this episode, we start off looking into “Halloween Returns.” The next Halloween installment that is slated for a 2016 release. Dan, Cole and myself looked into the man who will write and direct the next Halloween film. Is it unfair to judge him off of his previous works? We also go over an article from MoviePilot that discusses what we should expect from the upcoming Halloween Returns film.

After the break, we also preview Sinister 2 and looking at what the Scream TV Show has offered us so far.

That and much more on this show!

Disclaimer: Accurately Unstable is independently operated, and the content in the podcast does not necessarily reflect that of Michael-Myers.net. Episodes may contain strong language and are intended for mature audiences.

Note: download the podcast directly by clicking here.


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