Masks of the Month: February 2018

Welcome back, Shapes and Shapettes, to the newest installment of Masks of the Month!

NAG/JC 75k Castle
Owner: Adam Birli

I haven’t seen many H1’s lately that blew me away as much as this one.  Congrats to all involved.
Shoot James a message here and get your mask converted.

NAG/JC 2k (Retool)
Owner: William Crespo

The staging in this shot looks awesome with the candy corn and knife.  What a wicked mask.

HandiBoy/Falco Dead Ringer
Owner: Jimmy Falco

Jimmy and Nick have been teaming up to create some really impressive and unique pieces lately.  This one is no exception.  “Fantaaaasssstic”

NAG/JC Mint 75
Owner: Brandon Schattel

I love this photo.  Imagine The Shape waiting to be picked up by Annie to babysit and being terrorized by Laurie.
Yeah..don’t let me direct any Halloween films…

Morta/Loper Urbanstalker78 (Tramer)
Owner: John Webb

The iridescent paint job and soft, white hair really make this Tramer pop.  Look both ways when wearing this thing around, John – just saying.
Give Freddy a shout here and ask him about finishing your mask.

WMP Genesis
Owner: Cory Fuller

A great-looking mask, awesome angle, and super vintage feel come together here.  Nicely done.

HandiBoy Dead Relic

Here we have a new concept mask created by Nick.  Based on his new Dead Ringer sculpt, this mask is made to resemble a version of the H1 hero after 40 years of use and abuse.  I love it.
Contact Nick here to inquire about his masks or finishing work.



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