Masks of the Month: August 2018

NAG/JC “75K Supreme”

The owner of this one wishes to remain anonymous.  Can you blame them?
I can only imagine how many people would be offering to buy this
Shoot James a message HERE to get a mask”JC’d”


NAG/Mirror Image “98 Proto”
Owner: Robert Estrella

The 98 Proto is one of my all-time favorite Myers canvases, and Freddy’s work on this copy made the piece outstanding.
Contact Freddy HERE to ask about a conversion or rehaul.

Spookhouse Props “H2SM”
Owner: Paddy Byrne

I really love the hair on this copy, and the eyecuts really pull off the Warlock worn look.  A great mask all around.
Give Jimmy at Spookhouse a shout HERE to ask about his services.

NAG/JC “75K Castle”
Owner: Jon Lawrence

I absolutely love everything about this mask.  Rumor has it that Jon is sending it to me for free…
I’ll pay shipping!

That’s it for this month, fellow freaks!  Make sure you also check out our “Artist Spotlight” series if you haven’t yet.
See you in 30!  (Or 31?)

-Zac Crook

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