Masks of the Month: October 2018

Oh no!
Masks of the Month again!

Man, what a time to be a Myers fan, right?
Scroll on!

“Don’t Post”/Mirror Image “H40”

This sculpt is gorgeous and Freddy’s grungy, top-notch finishing brings it to the next level.

Drop Freddy a line HERE or HERE to get a mask rehauled, converted, or finished.

Owner: Michael Boets

Seeing the before and after of this piece is insane.  It did make a wonderful Kirk, but I have to agree with the decision of turning it to the dark side.  James nailed the H1 look yet again.

Shoot him a message HERE or HERE to ask about his services.

ToTS “H2018”
Owner: Chris Legrand

This is a stand-out copy of the new Trick or Treat Studios H18 mask.  The fact that it’s a bit obscured is alright because this shot is so cool.

NAG/Mirror Image “Castle”
Owner: Tyberius_89 (Ty)

Freddy at Mirror Image used new-old-stock 70’s hair on this beast.
It has since been signed by Nick Castle and TLW at the H40 convention.  It’s a Grail piece for sure.

ToTS “H2”
Owner: Jim McMorrow

This photo is staged so well and the lighting is awesome.  This mask wears very nicely here.

Thanks for nerding out with us again this month, fellow Myers nuts!
I’m going to take this opportunity to – once again – plug our Artist Spotlight series.
Check it out HERE

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