Mass Produced Michael Myers Mask On The Way

Forum member sxe458 has informed us that Spirit Halloween’s online store is now accepting pre-orders for an official Halloween Michael Myers Mask. What is this mask? It’s the pumpkin mask worn by Michael Myers when he escaped from the asylum in Rob Zombie’s Halloween. In other words, it’s a replica of the crude pumpkin mask that Michael Myers made for himself while he was locked up.

Michael Myers Pumpkin Mask
This Michael Myers mask is being offered for $14.99 and is scheduled to ship by mid September, 2012. This is what is stated on the Spirit Halloween website:

“Mike Myers is pure evil. Fans of the Halloween film franchise fear him – be fearless when you wear this officially licensed Halloween Mike Myers Pumpkin mask and have a frightfully fun Halloween. The officially licensed Halloween Mike Myers Pumpkin mask is 100% PVC.”

The stock photo is kind of off-putting. Hopefully, people don’t get confused between this Mike Myers and the dude best known for playing Austin Powers.

8 thoughts on “Mass Produced Michael Myers Mask On The Way”

  1. gunsnroses says:

    Anyone ordering it? , it’s only 15 bucks, i might as well, lol.


  2. knowbody says:

    This may seem silly to ask, but how does this mask stay on your face? The retailer’s description makes no mention of straps. Look at the stock photo. There is no indication of straps close to the ears.

    Before ordering one of these, be sure to email them asking about that.

  3. I would never buy one of these. The best ones are made out of paper,not pvc. But the one guy on here who uses a plastic shell with paper over lay does them extremely well.

  4. mrmyers says:

    Good Escape Mask.I’m make Paper flour and water.

  5. deloreandmc81 says:

    Yesterday I got a job working out at the Spirit Halloween store here in Layton, Utah, and we have a few of these masks hanging in the back.

    First off I’m not going to lie, looking at these pictures on here it makes the mask look thick and sturdy. But in reality the mask is just thin, flimsy plastic. So I myself wasn’t too impressed.

    Honestly if this didn’t have the “Halloween – Michael Myers” name branded on it, this would probably be like a $3 mask.

  6. knowbody says:

    @ deloreandmc81
    Thanks for the insight bro. It does look like a sturdy mask in the stock photo. I guess the license/brand on the mask is worth much more than the mask itself.

  7. deloreandmc81 says:

    You’re welcome my friend!

    Yeah the photo on here makes it look like it could last forever, but sadly that isn’t the case.

    If I can get a few pictures I’ll post them on here.

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