Michael Myers on Halloween 6 Import Blu-rays

While the drawing of a Halloween II Michael Myers mask on the cover of the 35th Anniversary Blu-ray of Halloween (1978) had many of us scratching our heads, it wasn’t the first time that the cover for a Halloween movie has displayed the wrong image of Michael Myers. Take these two import Blu-rays of Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers for example. This first one is a region B Blu-ray from France.

the curse of michael myers halloween 6 blu ray import 01

There’s just something off about that Michael Myers mask that doesn’t seem right. It looks like a fan wearing one of the lesser H6 mask replicas with swollen eyes. In fact, if I didn’t see this Blu-ray being offered by reputable online retailers, I would’ve thought that this was the cover for a fan made film. The special features for this Curse of Michael Myers Blu-ray are, get ready, a French language track and French subtitles.

The next Blu-ray comes to us from the German-speaking land of Austria. It’s the metalpak for The Curse of Michael Myers (not to be confused with the MediaBook). This metalpak is essentially a steelbook edition of H6, the Blu-ray is Region B. The presentation and graphics on the inside are all right, but, again, there’s something wrong with the image of Michael Myers on the cover.

the curse of michael myers halloween 6 blu ray import 06

It looks like a fan dressed up as Michael Myers and striking a pose for the camera. And what the hell happened to the hair on the mask? The mask looks like it had all of its hair burnt off or combed back using an entire can of hairspray. Out of all the images of Myers that they could’ve selected to draw, why did they choose to draw an image of someone wearing a Raining Men, one of the lousiest H6 replicas around?

None of these H6 masks compare to the Official Halloween 6 Michael Myers mask made by Trick or Treat Studios. Here are more pics of the Blu-ray H6 Austrian Metalpak.

the curse of michael myers halloween 6 blu ray import 02

the curse of michael myers halloween 6 blu ray import 04

Since the Halloween The Complete Collection has come out already, all of these expensive import editions of the Halloween films are now pointless because they only have the Theatrical Cut on them (not the Producer’s Cut. Don’t be fooled by that one pic of Kara at the Thorn altar on the back of the Austrian Metalpak; the movie on there is the Theatrical Version). You’d really have to love Halloween 6, drawings/photos of crappy H6 Michael Myers Mask replicas and European subtitles to want to buy these import Blu-rays anymore.

the curse of michael myers halloween 6 blu ray import 08

7 thoughts on “Michael Myers on Halloween 6 Import Blu-rays”

  1. go hear if you want to see probably the biggest Halloween media collection that Swifty the Icon has https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIYYymtboqE&list=PLV401x-vrwvM0a7aPO7ajnPDw59LsZNoU&index=5

  2. Well I can tell you the distributor on the AUSTRIAN release added that glow around Michael. I didn't. My art was having him appear out of the darkness. And I really dislike it. As you said, it makes him look like his hair is slicked back. As for the choice of the mask reference…shoot me.

  3. My drawing homaged the shot in the original of Michael behind Laurie in the dark. For some reason when they released my art a second time they had someone add an outline around my figures (poorly) and add a lame glow around them. They did it on 3-6

  4. knowbody says:

    @ Nathan
    I appreciate your insights. I think the writer was getting at the mask that Michael is wearing. We’re mask-obsessed here.
    It’s great to learn that your drawing was a tribute to the original Halloween.

    For some reason, though, the Halloween films sometimes have peculiar posters and dvd/blu-ray covers. This is a trend that can be traced back to at least 1988. The poster for Halloween 4 has a large image of a Michael Myers mask that wasn’t used in the film (Michael wore a different mask).

  5. Bashing WMP Masks…… real classy!….not!

  6. Andy Hargreaves says:

    I think all the art on the metal books are excellent glow or not 🙂 amazing work

  7. I know all about the mask obsessed and the details torn apart by super fans. I was once complained to for putting a machete in Jason's left hand because, "Jason is RIGHT HANDED!!" Then I pointed out a shot in Part 2 where Jason uses his left hand to stab a girl…lol. And yeah, the part 4 poster had the Shatner mask on it. Most likely because in the old days movie posters were drawn by artists before the films were finished or even filmed. Some artists had no info on what the film was yet. So the artist who did the part 44 poster probably just used images from the original film as reference. As we see he also used a shot of Michael walking in front if the Wallace house. But I could care less as the Halloween 4 poster is one of the most beautiful posters ever. So the artist who did the part 4 poster

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