Michael Myers Mask Crumbles

One of the joys of contributing to the Michael-Myers.net blog is receiving emails and messages from the readers. Recently, I’ve been in contact with a collector who wishes to remain anonymous.

He collects Michael Myers masks and screen-used props from various films (for example, he has some discarded spider hairs from Arachnophobia). He’s also a recovering substance abuser. He now considers himself to be a heavy drinker instead of a full-blown alcoholic. This particular collector has spent beyond his financial means. He’s had to move back in with his dad.

Here’s a portion of our conversations with some photos (he has approved this). He’s in a bind concerning a particular mask. It’s an old October 78 – a mask styled after the look in the first HalloweeN. This nameless collector doesn’t know what to do with this mask. The mask is in a sad state. I’ve suggested that he could sell it as is at a bargain price, have it repainted and rehaired, or just toss it in the trash.

THE_MR_H6_KING: heyy did ya receeve the pitchers I send ya of the mask I was tellen ya about? I seen dat ya some times u help people out can ya help me out lol?

knowbody: Thank you for your email. I did have a look at the pictures you sent me. The mask is an October 78. It’s a mask that you don’t see much these days. It was made years ago by a dude who scammed lots of people in the hobby. I can see that the latex itself is in good condition. However, the paint is obviously cracking everywhere and the hair is horrendous. Have you considered having the mask repainted and rehaired?

THE_MR_H6_KING: jea I love this mask except for the hair and the paint its a perfect mask! I cant affowrd to pay for a new hair and paint right now I live with my dad cuz I coodnt pay the rent anymore and I have 6 masks still on order I shood get them by next month. I am very importnt and bussy person and a consultint and respected on the internets and this Octobr 78 is a RARE mask.

knowbody: You can afford new masks but can’t afford to get a mask reworked? Also, are you implying that you chose to blow your money on masks instead of paying for shelter?

THE_MR_H6_KING: well I live in my dads garage yes I spend 25K a year on latex plus more then that on props I love it I have every holey grail my collection demands attentshun because I have 70 Myers masks and they all holey grails I also have screenused bricks and sand and air I don’t wanna pay for rehair and paint I love this mask the way it’s. I love it except for the hair and paint away from that its perfect!!

knowbody: I recommend a rehaul of this mask if you like it that much. However, if you wish to sell the mask, take recent photos of it. Perhaps someone may buy it to fix it themselves.

THE_MR_H6_KING: ever sinse they said I cant go to skool cuz I was a danger to my self and to others I been thinking bout getting a education at nite skool and getting married to my wife and takin my kids to a better home away from my dads attic, my wife keep tellen me to move the masks from the bed so she can have a good night sleep! OK when i wear the mask to take pitchers of it shood I cross my arms to make my arms look bigger and will the ppl like my hare and my glasses??

knowbody: Crossing your arms over your chest would make anyone’s arms look bigger. Regarding your hair and glasses, I doubt anyone will be able to see them. You’ll be wearing a mask over your head. Keep us updated, Craig, and good luck!

21 thoughts on “Michael Myers Mask Crumbles”

  1. Alfred Arcidi says:

    Best interview this Earth has ever seen!

  2. strangerathome says:

    Damn, that thing looks amazing the way it is! Give another 5 years, and it would look as though it should have been in a Rob Zombie movie.

  3. brandon says:

    this has to be a joke…

  4. jeremi02 says:

    Cool. I remember when you posted this mask on Cryptshow way back when to guess what mask it was. Couldn’t figure out what it was for the life of me.

  5. Jeremy Drew says:

    This is a joke, He spends 25k on props and is not able to have is own place? Forget the mask, he needs to stop spending all that and get is own place and support himself.

  6. Jeremy Drew says:

    This is a joke, He spends 25k on props and is not able to have is own place? Forget the mask, he needs to stop spending all that and get is own place and support himself.

  7. myerspimp81 says:

    i rmember seeing this on the board a while back, someone repainted it. Looks like they didnt mix it with enough latex or something.

  8. This is a pretty funny joke,It’s rare to see humor on this level….anywho I would buy that mask…foshow and putts in my keletion on mi shellff and post pitchers all timez.

  9. Ramonesome says:

    I never gave you permission to post my emails to you. They were in confidence.

  10. sheriffbrackett says:

    That big dude posing looks VERY familiar.

  11. I think this guy is a troll hahaha, no lie.

  12. I need to get married to my wife as well…. Oh wait.

  13. I need to get married to my wife as well…. Oh wait.

    1. As long as you cross your arms over your chest.

  14. loogs says:

    I enjoyed the trollercoaster ride 🙂

  15. veganrichy says:

    This guy should have spent the twenty-five thousand on an education, because honestly—he’s very illiterate. I couldn’t stand reading his replies to you guys; this guy needs help.

  16. mitch1010 says:

    Haha that was funny!! Good times good times!!

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