Michael Myers Masks: Mid December 2012

Bella Tucker, the young relative of one of our fellow members, needs our help because of mounting medical and hospital expenses. If we have enough to spend on masks, then that makes us more fortunate than others and it puts us in a position to help people. In assisting Bella, you will be inspired and touched by her life and spirit. Bella is the incarnation of resilience, strength and hope. There are currently several masks being offered to raise funds. Let’s make this happen in time for Christmas. Click here for more details. Many thanks to all the awesome people who have already contributed to Bella’s cause (among them Johnny6666, BradR, Derek, ShapeInTheVoid, michaelantern, Evilsmellyclown, badboxamps75, Halloween9, Zephro). We are at the start of the holiday season, and this alone should encourage us to defeat the post-Halloween blues. If that’s not enough to cheer us up, then here are this month’s featured Michael Myers masks. Also, take some time out during this season to reflect on how you can positively affect the life of someone else.

SecretSquirrel with a jaw-dropping 75 Captain Kirk Mask. BigScott‘s superb Buried from Rob Zombie’s Halloween

The Shape of Fear offers pics of the Classic ’81 prototype made by Horror Sanctum gozombie H1 Michael Myers masks on display Psycho si showcases a 2010 Nightowl Creep A familiar name in the Featured Michael Myers Masks series, ShapeInTheVoid shares with us his Nag/JC 75K (I’m already looking forward to Halloween 2013) Related links The Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask

2 thoughts on “Michael Myers Masks: Mid December 2012”

  1. shapeinthevoid says:

    Great masks everyone and a big thank you for featuring my 75K!

  2. knowbody says:

    Your masks and photos are always top notch bro

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