Michael-Myers.net Free Halloween Mask Giveaway!

Michael-Myers.net is offering a FREE Halloween Mask Giveaway to our fans and followers! This giveaway is sponsored by the great Horror Sanctum Studios/Sam McCain (http://www.horrorsanctum.com).

Up for grabs is Horror Sanctum’s newest offering to the community – the H5 “Brute” Mask! This is a replica of the mask Michael Myers himself wore in the H5 car scene. This mask has been receiving great reviews on the forum.

As you may have noticed, we have made some big changes as of late, and to celebrate the new direction we wanted to start off by offering a FREE Halloween Mask. Anyone is eligible – both current and new members! If you are not a current member, register right away to take advantage of this giveaway! You must also have both a facebook and twitter account.

To enter, complete the list below. Many of you have already completed some of these things already.

1.) Facebook:

“Like” Michael-Myers.net on facebook.

– Add me as a facebook friend

Join Michael-Myers.net facebook group

– Share a link to this contest on your wall for your friends:

2.) Twitter:

-“Retweet” this contest page to your followers:

“Follow” us on twitter

3.) Post a comment on this page below
, stating that you have completed the tasks above.

Note: if you are a new user, you will need to register an account to do this.

After completing the items above you will be entered in the Free Halloween Mask Giveaway and the H5 Brute mask could be yours! Please be careful to complete all of the items, as incomplete entries will be disqualified.

The winner will be selected at random by entry number. Each entry comment below will count as a number. The first comment will count as entry #1, the second entry comment will be entry #2 and so on. After we compile all valid entries, we will randomly pull a number and if your entry number matches, you win! The winner will be selected on September 14th!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me: /contact

Good luck!

89 thoughts on “Michael-Myers.net Free Halloween Mask Giveaway!”

  1. Derek says:

    Please ONLY post a reply here if you are entering in the contest. This will help me better keep track of actual entries.

  2. Ramonesome says:

    Done and done. Sam’s work is phenomenal, that’s going to look great in someone’s collection. Great contest Derek.

  3. sandman1336 says:

    DONE!..This us a great!…Good luck everyone!

  4. samhain6 says:

    i think i completed it, can u somehow check it? Thanks

  5. rzstudios says:

    Done. Love that mask!

  6. halloween876 says:

    Done!! Hope I win!! Thanks for the generosity Derek! 😀

  7. slisica08 says:

    Finished up 😀
    Wouldn’t mind this score in my collection!

  8. DONE!….I never in a million years thought I would see a Brute mask give away

  9. strangerathome says:

    Can a MOD still enter??? I would LOVE to have one of these. I’ve posted it on my Facebook 🙂 Good luck to everyone, as I would LOVE to own this beast! 🙂

  10. psycho78 says:

    Done! Hope i win!!!!! Thanks again derek for your awesomeness!!!!

  11. eyesofapsychopath says:

    Done…… good luck everyone. And thank you to Sam and Derek for doing this.

  12. evilutionjon says:

    Done…count me in! Thanks!

  13. darkartist81 says:

    Done! Good luck to everyone and thanks Sam and Derek for being so awesome. You guys are the best.

  14. dk714 says:

    Done and doner.

    Crossing my fingers and wishing the best of luck to all!

  15. ronster says:

    Thanks for having this awesome contest! I’ve completed ALL tasks above. Love the mask!

  16. ryn says:

    Done and done brother. I’m in.

  17. tonybones says:

    woo hoo…im in

  18. bulletnhead31 says:

    Done and done. Good luck everyone!

  19. horrorfreak13 says:


  20. janrus1326 says:


  21. godzillawilleatyou says:

    All all done! ! Good luck to all!

  22. xpsychopath says:

    Done… Count me in!!! Thanks!

  23. wolfie says:

    Done and done! Good luck everybody!

  24. kanesoto says:

    done and done this would be so epic to win id use this in the haunted trail ill be working at this year 🙂

  25. auzorann says:

    all done. that’s a great mask and it’s very cool of you guys to do this.

  26. almighty says:

    Done, and DONE!

  27. lavendr says:

    All tasks have been completed. Love the sight.

  28. familyisforever says:

    I have completed the tasks above. 😀

  29. 1982killingmachine says:

    I have completed the tasks above.

  30. joypack says:

    All done,Sam is a true artist and the best creator I’ve ever done business with…a real pro.Thanks Sam and Derek.

  31. maniaccop21582 says:

    Done and done I hope I win I never win anything and U have always wanted this mask!

  32. abominabledrphibes78 says:

    The tasks have been completed! Thanks for this opportunity guys.

  33. horrorguy30 says:

    The tasks at hand have been completed!

  34. mickibanez says:

    Done. Thanks for the opportunity Derek.

  35. elwray says:

    Finished, finally found some use out of my twitter account.

  36. psychooflamoreaux says:

    That brute mask is frickin awesome! count me in!

  37. myers78 says:

    Finished. I’m a new member here, but I’ve been a fan for years. Thanks Derek for setting this up man. This is seriously a great giveaway. Halloween 5 is one of my favorite sequels and I’ve always defended it 🙂 This would be amazing to add to my collection. Good luck everybody!

  38. halloweensince78 says:

    FINISHED! Hope i win..
    Have a great day..

  39. jw79 says:

    Done. Thx for the opportunity Derek!

  40. edofthedead says:


  41. zombiedude says:

    All done. Sounds like a totally awesome prize!

  42. creephouse says:


  43. nyghoul says:

    Great job as usual by Sam and Derek. This Brute mask owns! Cheers MM.net!

  44. darthvoorhees says:

    All done! This is an awesome mask! Ironic too as i just randomly watched H5 yesterday haha!

  45. themyers1978 says:

    All done.

  46. nickchampish says:

    All the tasks were complete! Thank you guys for this great oppurtunity! This mask is amazing!

  47. zuzek1996 says:


  48. youngfan says:

    I am all done with the above tasks..

  49. myers2004 says:

    All done and Great contest. Sam’s work is by far some of the best out there.

  50. xthelatexmaskx says:

    did it mayne and thats a pretty badass lookin piece

  51. pyshco98 says:

    Did everything needed, Mask looks AWESOME! I’ve always have wanted a Brute. H5 gives me such a 80’s halloween feel.

  52. shaundynamite says:

    DONE. Mask looks great. Thanks for going this!

  53. jujubeans142003 says:

    I completed all of the tasks.

  54. dance2010quincychick says:

    I did all the tasks! thanks so much for the opportunity! This would be SOOO AWESOME!

  55. michaelwalks91 says:

    All complete! will be praying i win this so i can send it to be signed by goerge p wilbur! That would be so awesome!

  56. jhorrorproductions says:

    Just completed the tasks

  57. ryan says:

    I have completed the quest!! Well i finished the tasks

  58. jslcreations says:

    Just finished all of the requirements! Thanks Derrick and Sam for the fun!

  59. sandman says:

    Completed.. this makes me want to watch H5 now..

  60. loomisproof78 says:

    ok did everthing! 🙂

  61. evildeadcreations says:

    im in buddyroes!!!!

  62. robovich29 says:

    everything done, bring on The Brute!

  63. wildrkobrzrkr says:

    I think I’m done. Count me in please. ..ANDY

  64. theshape1 says:

    Done! 🙂
    This is a very nice thing you’re doing.
    Good luck to everyone that enters.

  65. theshape584 says:

    Complete. This thing is so f#*$ing awesome. Sam you’re the man. Good luck to me!!!

  66. scaregasm says:

    Done. Great looking mask. I just love barbaric men! 😉

  67. freddyfingers says:

    Done and Done. Good luck everyone. Great mask!

  68. deathbecomesher says:

    All finished! What a contest! Thank you so much for having it. Good luck to everyone, including me! 🙂

  69. sirbrad says:

    All done!

  70. morgashanks says:

    awesome, pure awesome!!!! thank you so much derek,sam, and the rest of the community Involved. great contest,now I really cant wait for halloween

  71. 23michaelmyers says:

    cant wait to get one myself

  72. neonfire92 says:

    I just finished up all steps. I had to start a Twitter Account. I guess I’ll take this opportunity to check it out.

  73. mikey says:

    FINISHED! Count me in for this beautiful piece!

  74. slipknot says:

    Wow, I did it all! I just hope I win!!! Do you need my name or anything?!
    (It’s Jackson) 😉

  75. dalejrcade says:

    I did all the requirements.
    Would love to be added to the drawing.

  76. viper says:

    Done and done.

  77. crazydog500 says:

    Did everything

  78. cryptkeeper9 says:

    All tasks have been fulfilled. This would be so awesome for my collection. Thanks guys.

  79. glamourdoll13 says:

    Completed all the tasks. Thanks for doing this!

  80. bigmikeymyers says:

    I have entered in this contest. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!

  81. douglas78 says:


  82. michealcovert2 says:


  83. crackerjack says:


  84. lrsrmask says:

    I love it looking mask !!

  85. usacshaker says:

    I have returned to Haddonfield. My work has been completed. The evil will never die……….

  86. basse11 says:

    Done and Done. ready to get that mask!

  87. Justin Bonvillain says:

    hi Michael myers

  88. Michael Jackson says:

    Done lol in jesus name i hope i get this

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