Michael Myers Techniques: Two-Handed Thrust

Michael Myers, as we all know, is a very angry guy. Whether that stems from being “purely and simply evil”, being cursed by Thorn, or growing up with Sheri Moon Zombie for a mother, Michael’s anger is seen in the way he kills his victims. In this entry of Michael Myers Techniques, we’ll look at one of his most brutal techniques, the two-handed thrust, a raw display of power and rage.

Michael first used this tactic in Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers. Not one to disappoint his audience, he did indeed return, with a whole new arsenal of creative kills. After trapping his victims inside Sheriff Meeker’s top security house, Michael decides to sit back and relax, as if ten years of comatose sleep wasn’t enough rest. But the Sheriff’s daughter Kelly interrupts his chill-out session, causing Michael to spring to life and use a shotgun the only way he knows how.

“This, is my BOOMSTICK!”

With two hands, he thrusts the barrel straight into Kelly’s stomach and pins her to the wall.

ย ย 
Michael couldn’t wait for another opportunity to use this new technique again, so when he bumped into Dr. Loomis after a dramatic makeover, he decided to try it without a weapon, grabbing poor Sam and thrusting him through a door.

"Continuity... the final frontier..."

Getting rid of Loomis gave Michael just enough time to change back to his normal mask, because a blonde Shatner mask is so 1981.

After spending a year as a room decoration for the second scariest man in Haddonfield, Michael swore revenge in Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers. Seeing the hyper active douchebag Spitz steal his look (and pull it off somewhat better than him), the fashion conscious Myers struck again and proved that there’s only room for one white-masked man in this town.

Michael’s new pitch(fork) for a Safe Sex PSA.

Using the now tried-and-tested two handed thrust, Michael drives a pitchfork through Spitz’ chest, doing everyone a favor.

After switching canons, universes, origins and clothes with a paramedic, Michael finally killed his sister Laurie Strode. Michael decides it’s been a long twenty plus years, and heads home to put his feet up and rest in Halloween Resurrection. But martial arts expert and part-time rapper Busta Rhymes has decided to jump on the reality TV bandwagon and send a bunch of college kids, and Kevin from American Pie, into the Myers house for a night. Sick of being in front of the camera all the time, Michael takes creative control and begins filming early, cutting cameraman Charlie’s role short with a tripod and a two-handed thrust to the throat.


Michael stares down his prey, as Charlie slides to the floor and dies. However, Michael remembers that he’s in Halloween Resurrectionย and quickly heads off to kill more two-dimensional characters.


The two-handed thrust shows Michael’s ability to turn anything into a deadly weapon, his ability to plan his kills and his raw strength. Predatory and powerful, it is an often forgotten technique that says a lot about the man behind the mask.

8 thoughts on “Michael Myers Techniques: Two-Handed Thrust”

  1. knowbody says:

    great entry in the Techniques Series! The character i feel sorry for the most in this article is Loomis (and he didn’t die). Myers snuck up on him wearing a different mask.

  2. jdash10 says:

    Poor Loomis probably tried to get Kirk’s autograph.

    Either that, or it was the ghost of Ben Tramer all along… D:

  3. kiss78 says:

    I love this technigue!

    What was the deal with the blonde mask anyway???

  4. jdash10 says:

    It was apparently a Captain Kirk before, or half way between conversion. See, unlike the Halloween 1 and 2 mask, the hair was white and then misted brown and black, which explains the blonde look / white hair.

    Lord knows why they thought filming this scene with it was a good idea.

  5. bmwkid135 says:

    They filmed nearly the entire movie with the non-converted Kirk mask before they realized (were told by a Producer, I believe) that this was not how Myers was supposed to look. Though this is something they weren’t even expecting, because this mask came right from the set of “Halloween II” but was never used. So, once this mistake was finally realized, they tried to correct the problem during re-shoots… all except one scene: the school scene. And that was because it was just too expensive to film again (with getting back the whole cast, renting out the school again, and performing another dangerous and costly stunt). I hope this was informative! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. jdash10 says:

    Hmm, that’s so strange haha, makes me wonder why they used the beat up old H1 mask for H2 when they had one ready for conversion though ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. bmwkid135 says:

    I believe it was just intended for the stunts! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. undeadmyers22 says:

    LOL interesting Myers rocks!

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