The Million Dollar Michael Myers Mask

Hello Friends, I’m riding solo on this bonus episode of Rabbit in Red.

– I get to speak with a man who has an original 75′ Kirk mask – the same mask used in 1978’s HalloweeN as the Michael Myers mask. He has it on eBay for sale with the asking price of a cool $1 million.
– I give a rundown of Piranha 3DD and Prometheus.
– I finish up with talk of what’s in store for the following weeks and much much more.

– Rich

11 thoughts on “The Million Dollar Michael Myers Mask”

  1. warlock says:

    Fair price is $25-$30k tops.

    Thanks for the interview!

  2. Thank You,glad you enjoyed it. I would also say that 30k would be a good price for it,maybe up to 50k. It is a rare piece and I’m sure it will consantly gain or maintain it’s value. Now if it was THE mask,I could see it going for a million easily

  3. Ramonesome says:

    If there’s room on this guys planet I’d like to move there. It sounds like a wonderful place.

  4. badboxamps75 says:

    You forgot to ask about the eyes being cut unless I missed it. That would deduct 50% off it,s value for me.I would have liked to hear how that happened and better yet being a converter myself cutting eyes out all the time and tossing em how were they saved.Being in 1 piece they were trying to save em ???

  5. myerstat says:

    Sorry,but this guy saying that he knows how to price things well because he was a used car salesman?

    “Here we have a gorgeous 1972 Ford Pinto.Only 178 thousand original miles.Comes with it’s own gas and still has one seat belt in tact!!Stunning value at $275,000!!

    Sorry,but this guy is nuts if he thinks ANY latex mask,other than the hero in perfect shape,is worth a million bucks.When he was asked if he would sell for $500,000 and he said no?Right there I realized he’s either full of it or he is legitimatly delusional.For a mask that had the eyes cut out and some extensive rot on the neck,he would be blessed to even get $20,000.I could see it fectching slightly more if a person with the means just HAD to have it and didn’t want to miss the opportunity.He should do the laser scan and make a bundle off of us freaks!!End of story.If he got a million dollars for that mask,I would love to speak to the fool who plunked down that kind of coin on a latex mask.

    Great interview!!

  6. ^LOL I thought the exact same thing when I asked that question,Glad you liked it.

  7. Fartknocker says:

    Dude actually takes a break to play a dubstep song before the interview lmao this is 2012 af

  8. matt pierce says:

    Q. I can’t put pics on here. But I have a nice one for you

  9. Ron says:

    What is an original 1985 Don Post Michael Meyers mask worth?

  10. Betty Ball says:

    I have the original original mask that came out after the 1978 movie. Bought in early 80’s. Still has the manufacturer’s tag and it’s in excellent condition. Only used for home display a couple years. It’d be nice to get top dollar for it. I see people selling different ones for fifty, up to thousands of dollars. Maybe it’s time to sell it, idk

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