Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask: Customer Video

The first twenty 2012 Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Masks have shipped! In an official statement from Chris Zephro of Trick or Treat Studios:

I had about 20 of them that I took from the factory to send to Universal Studios. As part of the contract, Universal gets 20 of each mask for promotional purposes, but they said that they could wait till August, so I shipped them out to customers in the order that the pre-orders were received.

Hang tight, the rest will be leaving real soon, like I said before, I expect to have them here in the warehouse within the next two weeks, than I have to inventory them into our system and out they will go, so you should start seeing them around late July / early August. Again, sorry for the delay, but we had a hell of a time getting camel hair, but don’t worry, we have everything we need and we’re hairing the masks now.

For the time being, here is a video that one of our members (auzorann) posted on YouTube for our viewing pleasure:

19 thoughts on “Official HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask: Customer Video”

  1. Josh Reid says:

    I think it looks way better than the Don Post masks that are at Party City right now, but not quite as good as what I wanted.

  2. zephro says:

    Well Josh, you could always shell out $300+ and get one of the independent masks. Or you can get a blank Lunatic mask, which is what this mask is, for $200 and paint and hair it to your liking. Or you can modify this one.

  3. joshreid says:

    @zephro Good idea! I mean I might sound negative, and I guess it’s unreasonable to want a perfect mask for a low price, but it’s still a great replica mask and it’s definitely worth the pricing!

  4. adammtrahan says:

    I wished he put the mask on to see how it looks.

  5. sam says:

    For a mass produced mask, this mask is awesome, and head and shoulders above the garbage we usually get. Frankly I’m grateful that someone who actually cares about the product and the fans has this license.

  6. bauerfreak0204 says:

    That looks nothing like the promo pics. It’s nice but it doesn’t scream HII to me.

  7. fuzzybluedemon says:

    I think it looks great, just needs to be stuffed more. It naturally hangs a bit too narrow, which distorts the way it looks. But all the details are there, just put some bags in the head to make it a bit wider, and it will look perfect. Can’t wait for mine to arrive!

  8. zephro says:

    bauerfreak0204, all I can tell you is that it is the same exact mask, shoot in a light box with reddish yellow and floresent lighting. But it’s the same exact mask.

  9. bauerfreak0204 says:

    It’s probably what fuzzybluedemon said, it just needs to be filled out more, plus it is in stark daylight in that video.

  10. Halloween te best movie.

  11. bauerfreak0204 says:

    It now says that it’s shipping in September, how many times will this be pushed back? I certianly hope we get these by Halloween.

  12. willylumplump says:

    ok now you just ruined my evening… September?

  13. Ryan Shank says:

    When will they be back in stock?

  14. Chris Musotto says:

    just ordered one, cant wait to get it!

  15. Jason Moose says:

    Got mine today was blown away and at 70 with shipping its the best mask you will ever get for the price Justin knocked this out of the park!

  16. Lars Karlsen says:

    This mask is way beyond awesome. So detailed and realistic. Just ordered the MM knife from TOT Studios to complete my MMM Halloween cosplay and i'm gonna get the non blood tears version really soon and not to mention they are also releasing the coveralls from the H2 next year 😀

    1. Derek says:

      Right on Lars!

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