Open Letter to SEAN HUGHES (a.k.a. seanybolfc)

Dear Sean,

This is an appeal to you to come forward and to do the right thing. It is not too late to make amends with all of the people you have hurt. Life has a way of giving everyone a second chance. Good people always use their second chances to correct their mistakes. This is your second chance, Sean.

Your actions, which include: faking your death, theft of merchandise, and mail fraud, are considered cyber crimes under Belfast and London law. Such actions are punishable with jail time. It is easy to lie (such as saying your house was broken into or you wanted a mask for your brother). However, you have crossed into the realm of the criminal and the illegal by publicly claiming you had died and by dispersing fraudulent testimony to bolster your claim.

Sean, you may think that by being a part of an online community you are immune to the consequences of your actions. You may also believe that being online offers you anonymity, but that is not the case. The community knows your IP number, mailing address, facebook, eBay, paypal, email, and photobucket accounts.

This brings me to the main point of my letter to you. With all of your personal information freely available online to anyone, you yourself may fall prey to anyone. We live in a world where personal information is currency and you have put yourself at great risk.

I have a neutral stance regarding the situations you are involved in because I have never dealt with you. However, writing as a member of the community, I am personally reaching out to you. I love this hobby, just like you. I know that this hobby is capable of making people do things that normally they would not. Now is your chance to make things right, Sean. I know that deep down you want to correct things. You do not have to live wondering about who is at the door, or what is in the mail, or who is calling you – or looking over your shoulder wondering if it is someone who has come to reclaim their property.

Sean, you do not just owe the people you did this to. You also owe it to yourself to correct things. I have read on facebook about people wanting to visit you in person. It is not that hard to do, Sean. Things like travel are made easier when moving through English-speaking countries. You may also have to contend with legal action in the future, at any moment. Evidence exists of your claims of having passed away and your possession of property obtained through mail fraud.

Whatever compelled you to do this, it is in your hands to undo the effects. Do what is proper and right, Sean. This is your chance.

Please feel free to contact me. Let’s talk.


5 thoughts on “Open Letter to SEAN HUGHES (a.k.a. seanybolfc)”

  1. micktheawesome says:

    I hope he reads this. Thanks knobody for posting this so he can see it, because I’m sure that he still visits frequently.

  2. frank says:

    I am deeply moved & touched by this honest letter
    thanks for writing this!
    I hope from the buttom of my heart,Sean will read this with
    the necessary seriousness. And hope he find the dignity-pride & honor to do the right thing.

    Sincerely heartwarming thanks

  3. maverick96 says:

    If he really has a wife and kids I feel he should really think about kind of impact it will have on them when he gets arrested for fraud. Better for him to make amends now then face shame in front of friends and family.

  4. wildrkobrzrkr says:

    Very well said. ..ANDY

  5. madmyers1975 says:

    I have nothing in this matter, I have just been watching it unfold and feel for everyone involved. I just wonted to say that is a great piece of writing Knowbody. And very kind of you guys to give him a second chance that many other people wouldn’t. I am proud to be a member of such a great community.

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