Orphan Killer Mask Sells Out In 2 Days!

The Orphan Killer murder crew has been busy creating the ultimate TOK fans dream – a replica of his mask. The mask is one of the most screen accurate to a horror character I have ever seen. Guess that’s why they sold out so fast.
When the creator of The Orphan Killer, Matt Farnsworth was asked about the quality of the mask he said:
 “We made it for the fans. I wanted them to feel like they were lookingthrough The Orphan Killer’s eyes when they put it on. It turned outbloody perfect. Fans that have ordered the mask have been extremely pleased with the product they received.”
If you didn’t get one I bet you wish you had a second chance,right? well,your in luck! The second run of the TOK masks is now in stock and availablefor purchase at The Orphan Killer’s Official Store.  Now hurry on over and pick one up. Who knows if you’ll get a third chance.

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