Rabbit in Red Radio coming to Michael-Myers.net!

I am pleased to announce that “Rabbit In Red Radio” has moved their weekly horror show to Michael-Myers.net! Watch for the first episode this Thursday.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with their horror radio show, here is a description from the Rabbit in Red facebook:

“This radio show is all about Horror movies. Rabbit In Red is a show that is Hosted by Vincent Paul and Michael J. with special guest host Alex Edwards.

We discuss and go in depth about Horror films from the past and present and anything that has to do with movies.

We have and will continue to interview stars from your favorite horror films. As well as writers, producers and directors.

We just want to share our love and knowledge of all films.”

Michael-Myers.net is very excited about this new partnership, and we look forward to working with Rabbit In Red Radio!

5 thoughts on “Rabbit in Red Radio coming to Michael-Myers.net!”

  1. theshape1188 says:


  2. ryn says:

    Perfect addition Derek.

  3. betelgeuse4721 says:

    Completely awesome. I would love to open up a bar with that name if there isn’t one already lol.

  4. rpat says:

    Fantastic news!
    I’ve been following Rabbit in Red Radio for a while now and these guys have the best Horror Radio podcast out there! Great to see two of my favourite horror establishments partner up like this. Good work guys!

  5. Vincent Paul says:

    You guys really know how to make myself and Michael feel welcomed! I feel lucky to be on two great sites. Ever since getting out of “Prison” (I think we know what site I am talking about) how sweet it is to be apart of greatness. I thank you my friends.


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