Rabbit in Red Radio: Everything is fine with Crispin Glover!

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode # 61


* Everyone tries to start the new year off right with goals – we just try to improve.

* Mike and I started off the show with one of Mike’s horrible show’s he watches. He tries telling me about celebrity wife swap.

* We go over what is going on with some of the new films that are coming out.

* Crispin Glover graces the show with one of the best interviews in the show’s humble history. Crispin came on to promote his two films: “It’s fine! Everything is fine,” and “What is it?” It’s all apart of his show he is traveling the country with. What a great guy! Really humble, smart and talented. Crispin was very candid about his roles in Friday the 13th part 4 and Back to the Future. This is a MUST for any fan of film!

* We wrapped the show up with other horror news and some thoughts on the world of horror. That and much more here at Rabbit in Red Radio.

For show time information for Crispin Glover’s films check out:

Thank you everyone.


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