Rabbit In Red Radio: Was It Something I Said?

* I have to tell you, I was beyond hyped to be back in front of the MIC! Might have been too hyped up because it seems Michael J just wasn’t feeling it. Many people know, the way I record is to get the interview done first then do the rest of the show. Thank god for that because Mike didn’t stay too long for the opening. Not a work, not a joke, just pure emotion and frustration.* After the break, Rich Stiles came on to make the save as we went over why I feel disconnected with the newest horror today. Rich and I re live those days of the video stores way before the net and just picking up a title based on the box art work.* We talked about the way we all watch movies today and how that can cause a disconnect with films today compared to the 80’s and 90’s. I explained to Rich how I painted myself into a HUGE corner with my “Dinner Party” scene.* I had to come up with a list of living horror legends and where do you sit them? You have the adults table and the kids table and who
sits where and why? This is where I need your help. Give me advice on who should be invited and who should be shut out.* My favorite hardest working Actress came back on the show. The talented and adorable Michelle Shields. Any lady who loves
comics and horror is a A+ in my book! She came on to promote Frankenstein Day of the Beast: http://www.facebook.com/Frankenstein2011?sk=wall. I wanted to get into her love for Super Hero’s and talk a little DC comics. Since Mike has been making his films since he was a little kid, I just figured why not have Mike do lines with a real actress? Mike, Michelle and myself re did the back of the Marshall’s car scene from Halloween 2! You need to hear this, it’s an instant show classic I think anyway. Check out Michelle and connect with her on her Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/MichelleShieldsActress. http://www.youtube.com/theMichelleShields* On the other side Rich and I went over who to start blaming for some down falls of horror and I wanted to find out how much some of these producers are making and why the found footage films are here to stay.All of that and more for Rabbit in Red.

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