Rare version of Don Posts The Mask found

A long-standing member of our community (username: Sheriff Brackett) posted photos of a very rare, first ever version of Don Post’s “The Mask.” Our members at Michael-Myers.net are very familiar with the 1985 version of The Mask but this appears to be an even earlier version which was very limited in production in 1984.

The original post:

Don Posts First Myers: 1984 Don Post Studios The Mask

by Sheriff Brackett ยป 07 Oct 2011 03:37 pm

I thought I knew early Myers history pretty darn well until today. I had no idea this mask even existed until last week. The rarity of this mask nearly ensured it was forgotten and wiped from history altogether. This was released by Don Post Studios in 1984, a year before the flesh-colored resculpted version in ’85, and is the first “The Mask”. Not sure how it was sold as I would imagine there’d be more of them around had it been mass produced. Maybe just a few prototypes were produced for advertisements? It appears to be a pressing of some sort of the original 75 Kirk due to the identical features (lips, cheeks, ears, etc.) but it’s smaller in size. It’s the classic 1980s Don Post latex, paint work and hair. This is the first time I’ve seen flesh color show through the white as much as it does on this one which gives it a nice look. Just like the original 75 Kirk mask, this one has no stamp or date of any kind.

He is in near mint condition. He was stored well, has a full head of hair and has no rot or warping of any kind. I really like how the facial features look on the mask. Had I ordered this back in 1984 and received this I would have thought it was amazing. What a neat and obscure mask.


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8 thoughts on “Rare version of Don Posts The Mask found”

  1. 1982killingmachine says:

    That’s really cool! Great little treasure you have there. I just wish Don Post would do more like this and not how they are doing them now.

  2. sangria says:

    How did you find this? I have an ’86 The Mask that’s in horrible shape from all the wear and tear through the years. The eyes look bigger and the facial features definitely look Kirk-ish. Great find!

  3. psycho78 says:

    just wow! Awesome to say the least!!! If the eye cuts were smaller it would be amazing!!!

  4. ryn says:

    Nice find. That thing has a special look to it indeed.

  5. halloween1978 says:


  6. mask85 says:

    I have a 85 flesh toned dp mask can neone tell me nethng bou i should i keep it sell it and it wearable condition it signed by dick warlock is this a rare mask or what it has numbers inside also 5 of 300 ne info bout this mask is appreciated thnks ……

  7. thegreenghoul says:

    I love this mask! The bumps and imperfections give a nice Halloween mask feel too.

  8. Wicked cool Mask…i have one very similar! it is from DPS.

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