Revisiting Halloween Resurrection

Recently, I popped in the DVD for Halloween: Resurrection (2002). It had been years since I last watched this film. Here’s a list of some things that I didn’t notice before.

1.) Sara’s professor at Haddonfield University is named Dr. Mixter – like the drunk doctor who treated Laurie in the original Halloween II. Also, Dr. Mixter has unbelievable hearing. He heard Sara’s answer to his question even though she whispered it and was sitting near the back of the lecture hall.

2.) In the Myers house, a video guy, Charlie, gets stabbed by Michael with a tripod. Michael then drags the body away and drops the tripod with the camera still rolling. Upon seeing the view from the dropped camera, Tyra Banks comments, “That’s a nice angle, boy!” Huh? The tripod legs are in full view of the camera. What kind of camera angle is that?

3.) Michael Myers knows how to cook. He cooks some of the rats he captures in a pot. Myers has a counter-top range/stove in the space under his house where he sleeps.

4.) Sara’s friend, Jen, is an android! When Michael decapitates her in one swing at the top of the stairs, her body falls to a kneeling position. If you look at the neck, it has wires and mechanical parts in it, not guts and bones.

5.) When Busta Rhymes is about to give the press conference outside the Myers house, one of the contestants, Bill, approaches him. He says to Busta, “I got one word for ya, Freddy: Product Placement.” Um, that’s two words. I don’t know whether this was an attempt at humor or if they were being serious.

6.) Jim has the hots for the red head chick in the Michael Myers house. He spends most of the night hurling cheap one-liners at her. Then, when she finally starts to come on to him, he backs off. He stops her from kissing him. Jim then goes looking for the key to open the trap door. Talk about a change of heart! If he wanted privacy, why did he descend into the sewer wearing the head-cam?.

7.) In the scene where Busta Rhymes is dressed as Michael Myers and confronts the real Michael Myers (thinking he’s Charlie), take a look at Busta’s collar. It goes from being popped, to down, to popped, to down. In between the cussing and yelling, Busta must have also been busy adjusting his collar continually.

4 thoughts on “Revisiting Halloween Resurrection”

  1. m134maggot says:

    haha i didnt notice the collar thing

  2. ryn says:

    Lord I hate this film.

  3. Ben duran says:

    in the Myers house Micheal was sleeping under his home in the old sewer tunnel
    i don t know jen got her head chopped off
    with a Knife
    does even if micheal Myers use a knife sharper

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