Scares That Care Michael Myers Mask

An autographed Michael Myers Mask was auctioned off at the Scares That Care Weekend at the end of last month. The mask, which is made by Trick or Treat and available here at the Halloween Masks, Costumes and Props Store, was signed by Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Castle, Dick Warlock, Chris Durand and Brad Loree. The live auction was a part of the first ever Scares That Care Weekend event, held in Virginia. Two stars from Rob Zombie’s Halloween were present: Sid Haig and Ken Foree. The primary aim of the convention was to raise funds for kids and families in need. Charity and generosity aren’t sentiments or words usually associated with this hobby, hopefully conventions like these can help change that.

michael myers mask scares that care 01

michael myers mask scares that care 02

michael myers mask scares that care 03

michael myers mask scares that care 04


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    Now that’s awesome!

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