The ARTIFACT RZ Mask: Now Available!

It’s HERE! The Ultimate RZ mask has arrived: The ARTIFACT, by Quiet on the Set Studios is now available to order!


* High quality, hand painted finish.

* Hand haired.

* Extremely accurate sculpt.

* Movie mask accurate.

* Fully Wearable – 24 1/2 inches

* Ships within 3 weeks of order.

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15 thoughts on “The ARTIFACT RZ Mask: Now Available!”

  1. 7smitty14 says:

    way to much……….great looking mask though…..but way overpriced in my opinion

  2. mrsomething says:

    Thats a gorgeous mask, I would love to see an H2 dream sequence version of it.

  3. golfer67 says:

    500 is a lil much IMO. Great looking thoug

  4. theshape1188 says:


  5. Derek says:

    To those concerned with the price, it has been reduced $100.

  6. coldbloodedkiller says:

    I’ve already got one of these, but it’s made with plastic, has a full body, the eyes move around and it plays the halloween theme.

  7. michaelwalks91 says:

    lmao @ coldbloodedkiller

  8. michaelmyers687 says:

    Beautiful, Its still way too much though.

  9. skulcrusher657 says:

    It is not worth s**t because it is a REPLICA if it was screen used then it would be worth it

  10. adammaneer says:

    Can’t u make the RZ mask cheaper ?

  11. trickortreat says:

    Yeah I agree 417.00 is a LOT steep for a latex mask, granted the sculpt is great. I’d definately buy one if they were 200.00 shipped, I think selling more for less would be the same if not more profitable than selling less for more, don’t you? But, that’s just my opinion 🙂

  12. deadjerryhead says:

    I see derek said the price has been reduced to $100, but that was last november. Went to see if that was still at $100 and it says $417 US. If this was $100 I’d buy one right now.
    I’m guessing the price is high because there are limited units. Hopefully the price will come down becuase I want 1 of these. Awsome work.

  13. Jonathan Begay says:

    iv alwayz wanted a michael mask but….the only cheap ones i can find are the cheap wal mart brand….now i find one i like…but that is just to much for me….

  14. rebecca says:

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