The NEW!

I have been working behind the scenes for the last few months preparing the all new that has gone live today. We have several new features that I hope you will all like.

* Homepage/Blog: The homepage is now in a blog format, and we will be covering topics having anything to do with horror. We hope this will make the site even more exciting for our members. We have a team of writers that are hard at work creating articles and new content for the site. If you have an interest in being part of this team, please send me a private message or use the contact button above to send me a sample of your writing.

If you are already a member at, your username and password are one in the same with your forum account. Use the same username and password. Once logged in, you will see your avatar, posts, and any New PM’s you may have received.

* Downloads: Avatars, Animated Banners and Wallpapers are all available for download! My friend Mike (username “The Curse”) was a HUGE part of making this happen. He provided all of the images available for download in that section at the moment.

* Store: We now have our own Store, powered by Amazon! While you will not find items made by independent artists, there are plenty of cool official items for sale. I also included some home theater items in case any of you are considering the switch over to High Definition/Blu-Ray. If you have any questions or need recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact me. The store also features “Instant Video” which allows you to download and watch a video straight from your computer at a low cost.

* Social Networking: Each blog post contains a facebook ‘like’, ‘tweet’ and google +1 icon. Using these icons will help us share our favorite content with friends on these social networks. Please use them! 🙂

* Videos: Any horror videos we post on the blog will automatically also be featured in the “Videos” section. If you’ve got an itch to watch some horror trailers, this will be a good page to visit once the content begins to grow!

I want to give a BIG thanks to Mike “The Curse for the fantastic page background he made for this site. Mike was a huge help and when he provided that background it helped inspire the rest of the blog significantly. As stated above, he also provided the Avatars, Banners and Wallpapers you all see in the Downloads section. Thanks Mike!!!

Also, the blog was designed by Mike at Made by Guerrilla: If you need a blog site, Mike is your guy!

I hope you guys enjoy all of the new features and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Take Care,

24 thoughts on “The NEW!”

  1. myersnsandiego says:

    I am loving the new site!!!! Thanks Derek!!!!

  2. dressedtokill says:

    All the hard work that was put into the new site is clear to see. A big THANKS to everyone involved is in order!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ryn says:

    Beyond badass brother!

  4. artmark says:

    it looks great! easy to use too.

  5. blackesteyes8696 says:

    Looks great

  6. theshape1188 says:

    Derek you are the man!!! Love it!

  7. knightnite05 says:

    Nice, very nice!

  8. timbs2007 says:

    love the new site

  9. Awesome! Just Awesome!!

    Love everything about this site

    Viva La Michael!

  10. jacko666 says:

    awesome new site well impressed nice work derek.

  11. thebaz84 says:

    awesome work on the new site derek, it is amazing

  12. myersnsandiego says:

    I am loving the store!!!!! The posters are a freaking steal!!!!! I am so digging this new site!!

  13. biscuitweesel says:

    Good stuff man!! Looks great!! Cheers everyone….

  14. Samhain_78 says:

    I love the site a lot! It seems to be taking a page out of horrorbid, B-D, dreadcentral and a few others but that is never a bad thing.

    Nice work Derek and the rest of the team.

  15. coldsnakevenom says:

    Love the new site!!!!!!!! -tom.

  16. juicemaster310 says:

    Love it!!!!! Awesome work D!!!!!

  17. psycho78 says:

    wow man! I just logged in…so much new stuff!!! I don’t know where to start! haha Thanks derek!

  18. Ramonesome says:

    Love the upgrade!

  19. rhonethesilver says:

    New site = WIN!

  20. messier says:


  21. embodiedhost says:

    wow…love the new layout of! i took a job doing commercial work out of town and had no PC. but now im back and its nice to “come home” to this!

  22. goodwin001 says:

    Oh yes spot on…..

  23. bigmikeymyers says:

    Looks great!

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