Michael Myers Mask: The Nightowl Maniac

The first replica Halloween mask to grab my attention was Nightowl Productions’ Maniac. This was before I became involved in the mask hobby. I have always been a fan of the Halloween franchise. However, other than owning a Don Post 1986 “The Mask,” I never felt compelled to buy another mask until I saw the Maniac.

The Maniac exudes menace and emptiness; it looks both heartless and disturbed. This is a unique take on the character by artist Justin Mabry, and I believe it captures what this killer is all about. The Maniac is the very avatar of inexplicable and extreme psychopathology.

The mask is medium thickness. If the back slit is lengthened a bit, the mask can accommodate heads 24.5” around comfortably. The hair on my copy is standard, but it can be styled however way you want. Inside the mask is Justin’s signature along with the year it was made in. My copy is from 2007.


The weathering around the neck and side of this particular copy is flesh color combined with dirty brown. It gives the mask a sepia tone, which in turn makes the mask look vintage. The facial details are crisp and the features are striking. Everything from the cheeks to the eyebrows and lips are well-crafted and defined.

The Maniac can pull off many looks from the first movie, including the phone scene and the closet sequence. It also strongly resembles the mask from the Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 posters. The Maniac is of impeccable quality. It has held up well  over the years; it hasn’t yellowed or rotted. This mask by Nightowl still ranks among my top 5 favorite replicas of all time. The look on the face leaves no doubt that there is something very wrong with this character’s mind and soul.

6 thoughts on “Michael Myers Mask: The Nightowl Maniac”

  1. amyd says:

    The greatest work of Justin for sure.I really love the Maniac and I am a owner of a Proto and It is the best piece in my collection for sure.Amy

  2. sangria says:

    My favorite mask as well. If anyone owns a proto I consider them to be very lucky. I own an copy from ’07 with mo-hair as a special request. The MANIAC is one tasty mask!

  3. anth0777 says:

    I agree,the Early copy’s are Fantastic,would never part with my 05 ever!!

  4. bogey says:

    Awesome mask but definately not an accurate Myers H1/H2 mask.

  5. smoothcriminal says:

    would be nice to have one of those

  6. ryn says:

    The Maniac is one of the masks I miss the most from my collection. I wish I could get it back.

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