Twixt : Francis Ford Coppola’s new Horror Film

Francis Ford Coppola’s forthcoming release is to be a quirky horror film starring Val Kilmer. Coppola wrote and directed Twixt, which premiered at 2011’s Toronto International Film Festival in September. Coppola has stated that Twixt is a very personal film. It is partially based on Coppola’s feelings of guilt over the real life loss of his son in a gruesome speedboat accident.

The trailer for Twixt is an unusual one. It clocks in at over 3 minutes and a half and features un-engaging music. It shows Val Kilmer as a struggling novelist. It’s not the most engaging teaser for a film, but the story hints at themes of evil, dream worlds, serial killers and mysteries. Will Twixt be Val Kilmer’s successful big-screen comeback? Will the movie live up to Coppola’s stellar legacy of work, which includes The Godfather trilogy (1972-1990), Apocalypse Now (1979) and Dracula (1992)?

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