Tyler Mane calls in, Return to the Living Dead documentary

Rabbit in Red Radio – Episode #52

Hour One:

* Mike reminded me of what the date October 5th means to him. Mike has to have some of the oddest tendencies I have ever witnessed.

* Mike gives us his review of what sounds like a horrific film he watched on Netflix.

* We went to the phones and Thommy Hutson came on. Thommy has worked on some of the biggest horror docs in the past couple of years. (His name was Jason, Never Sleep Again, Scream:The Inside Story) Thommy tells us about his latest project More Brains: A return to the living dead documentary. You will love this guy and this interview. Great horror knowledge and passion. He gives us a perfect preview of what to expect with More Brains.

Hour Two:

* Tyler Mane comes back on. You really have to love Tyler Mane when you hear him talk. He cares about the fans and his projects. He tells us about the latest on his talks about playing Michael Myers again and where that stands. He goes into detail about his latest project Chopper an online web series and his up coming projects. Tyler talks about what props he has from the first Rob Zombie Halloween films, and I pitch him my movie idea.

* After the break I give my thoughts on found footage and what horror fans are being spoon fed. Mike and I go into the different takes of horror and overview a best of Halloween movie list.

All of that and so much more!

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