Welcome To Fright Night.. For Real (Review)

This is truly a sign that the new generation of movie goers know nothing about quality horror films. They will go in droves to a film that portrays vampires as tame, but ignore a totally original take of one of the greatest vampire movies ever made. Really? People are that dumbed down that if it isn’t “happy horror” or a remake of a foreign film it gets no love. This is a sad state for movies in general and I blame the parents.

Fright Night is the most original remake since Zombies Halloween. Weather you like it or not they are original ideas, just using pre-existing characters. That my friends is what remakes should be.

The movie wastes no time setting itself apart from the original. We are introduce to a Brewster who is now popular, has the hottest girlfriend, and wants no part of his best friend Ed’s overactive imagination. Then in another five minutes of that we get to meet are new Jerry and this guy is the definition of a predator.

Fright Night is filled with suspense and takes you on a ride that you did not expect. This time Charlie is not seen as the over dramatic boy with an imagination, but as a man who knows that he must protect his family.  Anton Yelchin does a spectacular job as Charlie Brewster and delivers a performance that is set far more in reality than one would have expected. Christopher Mintz-Plasse portrays Evil Ed as he should be – a dork who hasn’t grown up but wants to and sees Jerry as his key to salvation. It’s weird, but the story itself feels more real than its 1985 counterpart. That’s hard for me to say since I love that one so much.

Now the highlight of this film is the one and only Colin Farrell who gives a vicious portrayal of Jerry Dandrige. There is no better way to describe him than as the shark from Jaws. This is how a vampire is meant to be: a dark, hungry, carefree killer. If you’re immortal this is how your outlook should be. You literally have the world at your finger tips and the ability to do anything.

The most surprising turn in the movie was Peter Vincent (David Tennant). Not only is the character perfect for this day and age, but he has an awesome back story that ties him in with vampires all to well. This was the character that I was most worried about, but he turns out to be a great addition to this film.

The movie does go heavy on CG but it is pulled off very well. I’m usually not for this but it is mixed with a touch of practical FX here and there which balances out nicely.

This film is what I want from all remakes. An original, new take on a great story and nowhere is that more evident than here. If you don’t check this out you are really missing out. If you were afraid that it was going to trash the original, it doesn’t. This is a film that old and new fans can enjoy watching.

Now please go see the movie!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Fright Night.. For Real (Review)”

  1. knightprowl says:

    great film, loved the orginial and this one too, its true, there arent alotta remakes and reboots that stay true to the orginial but with a more modern story, but this one of the few that does, loved this movie and i cant say that for most remakes, so for once hollywood didnt fuck shit up as they say, might not be the same as the orginial, but what remake or reboot is, eather way its a good remake, tho i didnt watch it in theaters, i prefer pirated movie sites, free for all and sometimes in good quailty, this one was, not dvd but not blurry crap angle shit like most camera rips are, so its worth a watch if ya cant afford to goto the movies, or are like me, prefer not paying $10 or w/e it is to see something ya can watch right from home on your computer or tv, eather way ya watch it, it dont matter, the movie itself matters, anyways more plp need to see this, one of the few i suggest remake whise, anyways ttyl peace

  2. coldbloodedkiller says:


  3. scaryzack says:

    i honestly never got to see the original, but this remake was awsome. i would definetly say go see it. and yes, colin farrell was a kick ass vampire! aint no sparkly vampire twilight crap, thats for sure!!!!

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