What to understand about Halloween 3D

Ever since this past May, you really had to look out for fake news regarding Halloween 3D. Here at Michael-Myers.net we are not going to follow some sites and just write a story based off of a hunch or what was viewed on www.imdb.com. It’s all about the facts and that is what this article is about, the facts and nothing more.

Is Scout Taylor-Compton out of the movie? Nothing is 100% saying she is out or she is in. Last year in January, during a live video chat she voiced her concerns about Halloween3. That seemed to be the biggest snow ball effect for what I like to call “Horror Tabloid” sites. Some sites won’t check facts but just assume. The closer we get to the start of production is when everyone should know.

Is Tyler Mane coming back to play Myers? Well, back in October, Rabbit in Red Radio had the great pleasure of talking to Tyler himself. When I asked the question about Halloween 3 he told us that Malek Akkad already talked to him about coming back. That has been pretty much the last solid thing that I can personally remember about the topic.

There are so many questions about this film and mostly because it’s a “Halloween” film. No matter what you thought of the last one there is always a buzz when it comes to this franchise. Now with a new writer and director attached to the 3rd installment of the new series, it’s only common to expect many opinions with a lot of speculations.

Production is still set for December of 2011 and October 26th of 2012 is when this film is set to be released nationwide.

When more is given to us here at Rabbit in Red Radio, we will report back but only with facts. Remember; watch out for the stories that are based off of a hunch and not solid facts.

Vincent Paul

5 thoughts on “What to understand about Halloween 3D”

  1. eyesofapsychopath says:

    Scout is no longer listed as Laurie Strode on the Halloween 2 imdb page. Now they have a girl from the show “Pretty Little Liars” listed as Hannah and looks to be a main character. Who the hell is Hannah? Time will tell, cant wait to find out more. I really hope it doesnt suck.

  2. angellickillerchild says:

    I swear, unless these tweeny stars decide to grow up and accept a very mature storyline and script, I say we, the members should buy the rights ourselves and continue from resurection. Mustapha Akkad and Deberah Hill would be dead all over again if they saw what their work would be coming to! R for Michael Myers or boycot!

  3. Vincent Paul says:

    I just had a chance to check the site and read the comments. I talked about on the latest show that will be up soon about the IMDB speculations and the PG-13 talk. Please do not get caught up in it. Once mid October and rolls around closer to the start of production more solid news will come. There hasn’t been any official news coming out of the studio about a PG-13 rating.

    Keep this in mind. Back over the winter there was a huge rumor about the Hellrasier re-make having a PG-13 tag. When myself and my co-host talked to Todd Farmer (Writer of Hellrasier and H3) told us first hand “Hellraiser will not be a PG-13 movie.”

    Trust me, I love the whole Halloween franchise and I would be as upset and pissed off if this next one gets a teenage rating but there really is no chance in hell of that happening.

    Last thing, Scream 4 had an R rating.

    I love the passion


  4. ryn says:

    As far as H3 it has a lot of possibilities. Whether you liked H2 or not, if the story and direction of H3 is good we’ll see it. There has been a lot of speculation and rumar, but at this point it’s exactly that. My hopes are high so we shall see.

  5. beastmanh says:

    So sad that this movie may never happen.. Any updated news as to when production might start?

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