FREE HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask Giveaway! is giving away a FREE HalloweeN II Michael Myers BLOOD TEARS Mask! Simply “Like” Us on facebook and post a reply to this article to enter.  A random winner will be drawn on HalloweeN night (only 2 days away)!

STEP 1: “Like” Us on Facebook:

STEP 2: Post a comment on this page below.

That’s it! You are entered to win the HalloweeN II Blood Tears Michael Myers mask – Thank you for visiting and being a part of our Michael Myers and Michael Myers mask community!

217 thoughts on “FREE HalloweeN II Michael Myers Mask Giveaway!”

  1. Josh Reid says:

    Michael Myers rocks!

  2. stingerfan says:

    Been wanting a Blood Tears, thanks for the giveaway!

  3. jacksparrow900 says:


  4. ranshiiekrueger84 says:

    Really edging for this, I have no mask but have a 99% complate H1 and H2 costume.

  5. ryn says:

    I’m in

  6. the mask looks great, good job tts.

  7. The best horror icon of all time!

  8. Mike Lucas says:

    Happy Halloween, Michael Myers! It's time YOU come home again!
    Michael Myers is simply and purely…..evil.

  9. Jordan Payne says:

    Great mask. I have the normal, Blood Tears looks nice too.

  10. digitalghost says:

    “The blackest eyes…” The TOTS mask is SWEET!

  11. jinpayne says:

    Cool, I’m unsure if I need to put a comment in FB comments or these comments, so Ill do both just in case. The Blood Tears does look great though

  12. My favorite of all the masks

    1. Linda Konga says:

      LOL! Wonder why??

  13. Jay Sicks says:

    great contest! good luck to everyone.

  14. I love the blood tears! I'm down!

  15. pinkulo says:

    Very nice!

  16. jamescolemanii says:


  17. utubeslasher says:

    killer mask from what ive seen so far ill get one one way or another

  18. Sam Poling says:

    death is coming to someones little town after this contest… good luck all.

  19. evildeadcreations says:

    I’m in !

  20. Nathan Hunt says:

    I am a Halloween freak!!! Michael is the best!!!!!

  21. butchbarbee66 says:

    Im thinkin maybe a Micheal Myers tattoo havent decided though

  22. myers2004 says:

    So love these giveaways!!

  23. lucasinmich says:

    Hey jerk, speed kills!!

  24. Justin Cléroux says:

    More of the night he came home…

  25. Eric Gargano says:

    still need to pick up the Blood Tears version.

  26. This mask would be the start of my collection!!!

  27. wolfie says:

    Entering! Good luck everybody!

  28. nosferatu says:

    Good luck to everyone! This is a fantastic mask and a worthy addition to anyone’s collection 🙂

  29. doodlebugs014 says:

    these eyes will decieve you these eyes sam lomis michael myers is the greatest horrorvillian of all time

  30. Natalie Palacios says:

    Totally in love with Michael Myers!

  31. Happy halloween The shape RULES!

  32. Only if I could hit the lottery and win this dang thing.

    1. How much they want for it?

  33. Cesar Castaneda says:

    Love this site..Long live Michael.

  34. William MacDonald says:

    The TOTS mask… "Purely and simply…" Beautiful.

  35. Happy Halloween Eve's Eve! I tell you Michael Myers is here in this town!

  36. Brandon Fields says:

    "It's HALLOWEEN, everyone is entitled to one good scare…"

  37. Veritas Vos Liberat says:

    Amazing 😀 Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck to everyone!


  39. I need that one.sure would spice up the collection.

  40. John Garrett says:

    Nice clean cut mask…another reason I like always good mask's!

  41. insanity says:

    Appreciate the freebie ! 🙂 Would love to own this mask 🙂

  42. maverick96 says:

    Been wanting this mask! Hope to win! Best of luck to everyone!

    Andrew Lee S.

  43. johnb92 says:

    Awesome, my brother has one of these masks! They are amazing!

  44. Awesome! These masks are amazing, my brother has one!

  45. slisica08 says:

    Got the standard one not long ago. So this would look wonderful beside it! Will make the winner very happy 😀

  46. zafisher94 says:

    I’m hoping to be able to win this. I’ve never had an accurate H2 (or any besides RZH and RZH2)

  47. sam says:

    I would love to win this! Good luck to everyone!

  48. jake000ryan says:

    I have the clean version. I would love to own this one as well!!!!

  49. Great contest, liked! thanks alot!

  50. tarman says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! RULES!

  51. Aldin Musíc says:

    It's time, Michael!

  52. halloween9 says:

    Top notch work for a mass produced mask. Count me in! More of the Night He Came Home!

  53. zuzek1996 says:

    Love it!

  54. sangria says:

    Greatest mass produced Myers mask alive!!! Thank you Justin at Night Owl and thank you Derek.
    And thank you Trick Or Treat Studios as well!

  55. Jeremy Drew says:

    I already have a BT, but heck a free second wouldn't hurt ;).

    Awesome give away!

  56. I have a Myers mask but would love a blood tears mask. Thanks Michael

  57. Mitchell Cordell says:


  58. crazydog500 says:

    Comment awayyyy. Good luck to everyone

  59. Shawn Mitchell says:

    I want that Bad Boy….Happy Halloween to everyone!

  60. Ryan Shank says:

    Okay I posted. What now?

  61. Awesome Promotional thing guys!

  62. horrorx1 says:

    Count me in please! Awesome mask

  63. John Zarazowski says:

    cool mask, wish I had it for Halloween movie marthon tonight. Good luck everybody.

  64. Gezuz Romero says:

    If I had this mask I would peactice his scary posses around people scare them as he scared other people Michael Myers for president 2012

  65. Sean Peace says:

    Michael Myers is my all time favorite…

  66. neewollah says:

    Once again I’m not eligible because I refuse to join stupid Facebook! >:(

  67. biglou502 says:

    My man, Michael!

  68. Phil Hanshaw says: is definitely the "Home of the Shape." Thanks for doing this!

  69. Thomas Mc Cormack says:

    Pure evil!

  70. Bobby Newman says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, its awesomeness.

  71. Justin Linville says:

    Sweet! That's such an awesome looking mask!

  72. Perlita Esmeralda says:


  73. Ready to win! The Boogeyman is coming…..

  74. My fav Slasher by far!

  75. Randy Aines says:

    Would love one! 😀

  76. themyers1978 says:

    Would love one! 😀

  77. Eric Kumor says:

    Who doesn't like a free mask!

  78. slasherx says:

    Not sure if we leave a comment here or on the FB comments? Tis a little vague so figured I would do both. Thanks! 🙂

  79. Good luck people hope I win

  80. Ross Caudill says:

    Thanks Derek! great mask to give away.

  81. Curtis Zamfoti says:

    the best michael myers mask by far!

  82. surgicalgrind says:

    I want this mask!

  83. halloweengirl22 says:

    Woot! Glad I saw this! That would complete my ToT’s collection of Myers masks!!! Good luck everyone!

  84. Tadd Good says:

    Thanks for the chance!

  85. Kay Dee says:

    Iv'e really been Wanting One of these mask for Years.. I Love Michael Myers.. Hes my Husband. lol ?. (:

  86. twopinacoladas says:

    Sweet, I already have one but would probably paint over the blood on my current one so its more of the standard look 🙂

  87. ilove10aflyviper says:

    Kaboom, baby.

  88. Thanks! Hope I win. Good luck guys!

  89. Have the regular version, like to have also the Blood tears.

  90. Zach Bales says:

    The reason for the season!

  91. Everyone's entitled to one good scare! Happy HalloweeN!

  92. Michael Hill says:

    Haha love this mask.

  93. devondraws says:


  94. Is love to have this mask! I've always wanted one!


  96. James Ward says:

    Very cool contest, guys!

  97. Jen Brockwell says:

    Michael Myers ftw!

  98. Chris Maxwell says:

    Mike Myers would be the only human to win a fight with Freddy and Jason.

  99. Kelli Carver says:

    Love Michael Myers for sure he's the scariest !

  100. Mike Pinson says:

    Michael IS Evil Incarnate

  101. Coltyn CBeezy McDow says:

    Best killer in history!

  102. Brain Rotz says:

    Free Mask? Doctor Approved!

  103. Jerad Metzler says:

    Halloween 2 is the best horror sequel!

  104. razorslide says:

    Would love to win!

  105. Cindy Startt McNatt says:

    Michael Myers is my all-time fav slasher

  106. pizzajohn07 says:

    great contest thank you

  107. darkbladeclan says:

    You dont know what death is


  109. Yesterday was my birthday, and now it´s Halloween. Seriously… I want this mask so badly! Good luck to everyone!

  110. amazspiderman1 says:

    Done & done. “You must of missed him. No man can take 6 slugs.”

  111. Al Parker says:

    This is a wicked cool mask, I have seen it in person a couple of weeks ago, but just didn't have the cash for it right then, hope to win it. Happy Halloween everybody!

  112. Jacob Brockman says:

    Such an amazing S/A Mask!
    Happy Halloween everybody, For tomorrow night is when he comes home…

  113. Duane Smith says:

    Dig this mask!

  114. Joe Riley says:

    I would murder my parents and sister for this mask…

    1. He's not scary, he's misunderstood!

  115. samhain98 says:

    Love this mask, and hope I can win!!! Happy Halloween!

  116. Lindsay Albert says:

    Yes looking forward to the Halloween marathon tomorrow night!

  117. Jay Burr says:

    Halloween 2 is a classic in every sense of the word! I get frightened in every onesense of the 300 + times I have seen it! I am 43 and proud that Rick Rosenthal can scare me for 30+ years …and COUNTING!

    1. Eddie Sanchez says:

      I just watched Halloween 5 on Sunday…

  118. Bill Meacham says:

    Michael Rocks! And so would if I won this mask!

  119. Dustin Sain says:

    Amazing mask. Would love to add it to the collection.

  120. Torey Vowell says:

    sweet this would go whit h my coverals

  121. Ricky Tarantino says:

    "You don't know what death is."

  122. janrus1326 says:

    A must have for all Halloween 2 fan

  123. Somer Bohannon says:

    Halloween is my favorite horror movie franchise.

  124. Awesome I love Halloween

  125. seen this mask in person and its a beauty if I win this its going right into a glass case.

  126. Christopher Michael Jimenez says:

    who hasn't wanted to be bleeding eye Michael at least once in their lives. Ill take mine and wear it at the nearest hospital!

  127. fanger54 says:

    good luck to everyone

  128. jenswwaats says:

    i would be so happy if i won this! love michael.

  129. godzillawilleatyou says:


  130. timbs2007 says:

    Hope i win. Thanks

  131. bradpmp says:

    Hope I win!

  132. madmyers1975 says:

    Cool Contest Derek, no way I’m missing the chance at a Tot’s Blood Tears.

    Happy Halloween !

  133. Danielle Anderson says:

    Great to see a company that took it's time and got the look right instead of mass produce just another cheap costume shop mask.

  134. loogs says:

    Happy Halloween

  135. I LOVE Michael Myers And ALL Of The Halloween Films. This Is My 15th Year As Being Michael Myers For Halloween 2012; These Mask Are Great. Happy Halloween 2012 Everyone.

  136. Adam Clauser says:

    That is a Awesome Mask I'm a big fan of Michael Myers..

  137. Free masks, hell yeah hahaha.

  138. Majin Vegeta says:

    who doesn't want a free mask.

  139. Neil Seacat says:

    Best Slasher Ever!

  140. bloodyknuckles says:

    Best of luck to everyone & HAPPY HALLOWEEN ENJOY and be SAFE !

    Would be awesome to add an other to the collection

  141. psychosi says:

    Good of you to do this… I’m in!

  142. laminateman says:

    Very cool!

  143. richflamand78 says:

    Happy Halloween Michael!

  144. Justin Ray says:

    Awesome, thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  145. Scott Santos says:

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  146. I love Halloween! The movies and the holiday! Bring on the Blood Tears!

    1. Gina Crocco says:

      My childs favorite holiday…is holloween Hes still a kid at heart…ENJOY…my son..

    2. Gina Crocco says:

      My childs favorite holiday…is holloween Hes still a kid at heart…ENJOY…my son..

  147. Andres Curiel says:


  148. havoc28 says:

    I love MICHAEL MYERS!!!! Happy Birthday Mikey! 🙂 Happy Halloween Everyone!!

  149. rikstar says:

    I’m in!!!

  150. Matthew Ocak says:

    Finished the entire series last night, You Can't Kill The BOOGEYMAN!

  151. Brizia Lara says:

    The iconic figure on this date M.M.

  152. Amberly Marie Tremain says:

    I have every movie, love all of them. Watching #4 rite now

  153. Halloween 2 is one of the best in the series, but the character of Michael Myers will live on through each adaptation!

  154. Frank Pascuccio Jr says:

    Hope it's not too late to enter 🙂

  155. Mike Lucas says:

    Happy Halloween everyone and good luck!

  156. Mike Lucas says:

    Happy Halloween everyone and good luck!

  157. Mike Lucas says:

    Hey jerk! Speed kills!

  158. Mike Lucas says:

    Hey jerk! Speed kills!

  159. Mike Lucas says:

    It's time, Michael. -Dr. Sam Loomis

  160. Mike Lucas says:

    It's time, Michael. -Dr. Sam Loomis

  161. Mike Lucas says:

    Doyle Neighbor: Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight.
    Sam Loomis: [looks at the blood on his hand] You don't know what death is!

  162. Mike Lucas says:

    Doyle Neighbor: Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight.
    Sam Loomis: [looks at the blood on his hand] You don't know what death is!

  163. Mike Lucas says:

    Sheriff Leigh Brackett: It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare.

  164. Mike Lucas says:

    Sheriff Leigh Brackett: It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare.

  165. Mike Lucas says:

    Dr. Sam Loomis: Death has come to your little town, sheriff.

  166. Mike Lucas says:

    Dr. Sam Loomis: Death has come to your little town, sheriff.

  167. Paul Filiash says:


    1. Didnt Michael Myers used to hang out on Reddale rd?

  168. Paul Filiash says:


  169. Mike Lucas says:

    It's Halloween….everyone is entitled to one good scare. -Sheriff Brackett

  170. Mike Lucas says:

    I would really, really love to win this mask 🙂 Can you tell?

  171. Jeff Dorish says:

    Love the site. I always wondered how come TV stations never play series in order.

  172. Jeff Dorish says:

    All AMC has played was Halloween, Halloween 4&5 & resurrection. Never played 2

    1. Gina N Mo says:

      great minds think alike on a night like tonight…lmao… wife n i were jus sayin th same thing!!! wtf? hows it goin bro? …mo

    2. Gina N Mo says:

      great minds think alike on a night like tonight…lmao… wife n i were jus sayin th same thing!!! wtf? hows it goin bro? …mo

  173. Jonathan Meyer says:

    Happy Happy Halloween Silver Shamrock.

  174. Good mask, Great quality.

  175. Jack Angelo Casella says:

    I Love Halloween II 1981.

  176. Haleigh Williams says:

    I love Halloween II.

  177. I loved dressing up ad Michael Myers! All the Halloween movies are by far my favorite Halloween movies! I just love them!

  178. Mark Wilson says:

    The Shape shall never die…

  179. Mark Wilson says:

    The Shape shall never die…

  180. I would love to have the blood tears mask

  181. I would love to have the blood tears mask

  182. legendmyers says:

    hope they do new film using the original mask classic

  183. Kenneth Munnings says:

    They make the best mask

  184. Jack Hughes says:

    I'm a little late but I still love the series!

  185. Samuel Dean says:

    I love halloween 2 its my fav.

  186. Ivan Podgornik says:

    you don't win a mask everyday, so it would be awesome to do that 🙂

  187. Ryan Foster says:

    I love this film to bits, I praise the acting of Dick Warlock the film is just brilliant RIP Donald Pleasence.

  188. I would love the mask cause i hae the costume with out the mask i can,t wait to win it

    [Editor: You can’t wait to win it? The contest ended about 2 years ago.]

  189. i will like to have a micheal myers mask

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