Happy HalloweeN! Don’t forget the giveaway at 9

Happy Halloween from Michael-Myers.net!

Michael-Myers.net is giving away a HalloweeN II Blood Tears Michael Myers mask tonight! Don’t forget to be here for the giveaway at 9 (PM, pacific standard time)!

15 thoughts on “Happy HalloweeN! Don’t forget the giveaway at 9”

  1. Ryan Shank says:

    Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! STOP IT! STOP IIIIIIIIT!!!! I don't care what anyone says. I enjoyed Halloween 3.

  2. Andy Soltysiak says:

    Happy happy Halloween!

  3. Mike Lucas says:

    Silver Shamrock!

  4. Mike Lucas says:

    Would love, love, love this mask!

  5. Mike Lucas says:

    I guess everyone is entitled to one good scare on Halloween.

  6. Mike Lucas says:

    Now you're seeing men behind bushes!

  7. Mike Lucas says:

    Dr. Loomis: It's time, Michael.

  8. Mike Lucas says:

    Sheriff Brackett: YOU LET HIM OUT!

  9. Mike Lucas says:

    Doyle Neighbor: Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight.
    Sam Loomis: [looks at the blood on his hand] You don't know what death is!

  10. Mitchell Cordell says:

    I like turtles!

  11. Mitchell Cordell says:

    I like turtles!

  12. Good luck and happy halloween

  13. digitalghost says:

    “It’s time, Michael…” *BOOOOOM!!!*

  14. richflamand78 says:

    Happy Halloween Michael!

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