HalloweeN Collector Scores Holy Grail of Michael Myers Masks

In this hobby only a few can say that they’ve scored the Holy Grail. I have been in contact with an anonymous HalloweeN collector over the past months. He previously scored a rare, but crumbling Michael Myers mask. Now he has provided me with details and photos of the latest addition to his collection. It is none other than the Holy Grail. And, by “holy grail,” you know exactly what he’s talking about.

Our anonymous friend is extremely excited. His quest for the most sought after piece in the community has finally come to an end. It took him 4 days to finally track down and purchase the Holy Grail. THE_MR_H6_KING sold off most of his prop and mask collection to fund this project (he kept a few H6 masks though). He wasn’t going to settle for nothing less than success.

Archive photo showing the anonymous collector in his prime.

This achievement couldn’t have come at a better time. The anonymous collector has just gone through a bitter divorce and is preparing for 2 weddings. He was also charged with bigamy and for possession with intent to sell. Not to mention he is living in his dad’s basement with his wives and kids.

THE_MR_H6_KING: I searched so much for dis thing now its in mah hands I goed all around tha world and search for thee HOLY GRAIL cos in my heart I knowed i cood do it so meny ppl be sayin that they Scored thee holey grail but when they post pitchers I knew that it wadnt the REAL holy grail. then I left my kids in the attic and took off to follow some leeds and I also left my loving wifes in the basement with my freakin landlord. I been biting my tongue on this one and I a Nerd but I still camed to the forumz to post in every H6 thred and the threds made by my buddys.

knowbody: You make it sound like you went on an epic odyssey. However, you stated to me that it only took you 4 days to come upon the “holy grail.”

THE_MR_H6_KING: jeah it wad a great and long journey!!! Ya know I a very impornt part of da hobby and I da H6 KING and I needed dis holy grail to compleet my collectshun even tho I had to sell my masks coz I need money to pay for bills and my wedding and to take care of mah 7 kids even tho some of em aint my kids expeshally dat kid Leroy and to pay for the lawyers dat be takin care of all the charges against me ya know what I sayin?? Heer are da pics of the HOLY GRAIL I scored


knowbody: What in the world!… I never thought that the Holy Grail existed in physical form. I assumed that the grail was more of a legend like the Spear of Destiny. So, if what you have there is the Holy Grail, then congrats!

THE_MR_H6_KING: I hadn’t haved a drink for 5 days I sober as hell I knowe what I doin!! This is the HOLEY GRAIL my frend!! I can finaly complete my collecshun (sp?) and every one will love me cuz I DESERV it!! So when I post pitchers of me waring the holey grail shood I make some gang signs to look cool and down wit it??

knowbody: Unless you have a death wish and are looking to get murked, you shouldn’t throw any gang signs. If you’re happy with your “holy grail” that’s all that counts, Maurice. I hope you sort out the rest of your life and overcome your legal woes, too. Best of luck!
P.S. Is it me or is your spelling getting worse?

THE_MR_H6_KING: I back to drinkin becus I need to selebrate my score! I da H6 King and I have the proto and now I got the HOLEY GRAIL!! I da king of kings I goin to get this GRALE signed by Tony Moran and Bryan Andrewz to increes da value of the GRALE becos those signaturs be wourth alot of money and they legends. Is it normal for thee Holey grale to flote in da air by itself?? cuz dats what this thing be doin.