Michael Myers Mask: Brad Loree Signature Series H8

During a moment of sobriety, Negative Craig 2000 threw on his coveralls and a Michael Myers mask. For once, he quit complaining about his run-ins with the law, he set aside his opioid dependence, and he stopped re-inventing the omelet. The replica he put on is the Brad Loree Signature Mask from the film Halloween: Resurrection. A look around the forums and the mask gallery reveals that relatively few of these masks were produced by Ssn.

As expressed in a previous article, one of the best H8 replicas you can obtain is a good copy of a mass-produced Cinema Secrets Michael Myers mask. However, as far as independent renditions are concerned, I have to side with the Brad Loree Mask.

The paint job on this mask is superb. It combines grey, blue, ash, brown and white to reveal a color scheme that looks fantastic under any lighting. The hair that is used is also first-rate; it is soft and can be styled in any way that you want.

SSN’s Brad Loree signature mask is an elegant replica. One of my issues with some masks is that, in person, they don’t look good enough to justify the price that I paid for them. This is not the case with the Brad Loree H8. At least on Negative Craig’s copy, you will find no crude eye cuts, no stiff latex, no odd facial features, and no hair that falls out. Nothing is sloppy, cheap or amateur about this mask.

This mask comes certified by Ssn and Brad Loree himself. Recall that Brad Loree is the actor/stuntman who portrayed Michael Myers in Halloween: Resurrection. Loree’s signature is featured on the side of the mask as well as on the accompanying certificate.

In order to share this mask with you, I had to agree to let Negative Craig pay tribute to his deceased homie Yorick. So, I allowed this Ronald McDonald lookalike to take some shots with Yorick’s skull as he requested. Pour out a little liquor for the one they called Yorick. You were a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy; he hath borne Negative Craig on his back a thousand times.

(By the way, Craig, your name is a little misleading. Sure, you’re still negative, but how can you keep calling yourself “Negative Craig” when your blood tests came back positive?).

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4 thoughts on “Michael Myers Mask: Brad Loree Signature Series H8”

  1. I like the grey/black type paint.
    on the mask in the movie will this design have the same paint job.

  2. mtlongy says:

    I don’t like the SSN H8 but those shots are nice and he got a decent copy

  3. Nicolas Martinez says:

    Put it up for sale! Put all of them up!

  4. jmmontoya007 says:

    That’s an awesome replica with a authentic signature
    How tha frikin hell can I get 1

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