Trick or Treat Studios announces Halloween II Opening Scene Myers Mask

Many people have asked whether Trick or Treat Studios would be making a Michael Myers mask based on the opening scene of Halloween II (1981) or if that idea was even a possibility. Chris Zephro of TOTS has confirmed that his company will be producing a Michael Myers mask that is based on the look at the beginning of the Halloween sequel. During his interview with Rabbit in Red Radio, Chris revealed that major bit of news along with some other important announcements that will please fans of the Halloween series. halloween II opening scene mask 05

Click here to listen to Rabbit in Red’s complete interview with Chris Zephro. Chris said that the Halloween II Opening Scene Mask will be available for pre-order in late January/early February 2014. Chris also spoke about the Halloween II coveralls, the Halloween III Season of the Witch masks, and, get this, the Michael Myers coveralls from Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers, Halloween H20 and Halloween: Resurrection.

Chris also explained what companies own what Michael Myers mask licenses. Visit The Devils Eyes and listen to the interview with Chris. Also check out the store.

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3 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Studios announces Halloween II Opening Scene Myers Mask”

  1. This is awesome! If this is legit then all I gotta say is wow. They're basically going to create a H1 mask (Caslte Style)! Hope it's the same price as the H2 masks.

  2. tristanus says:

    i heave that mask prittty sweet

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